The magic mixer is a powerful blocker from the original game that appears in some fanons. Because of its nature, it usually appears at later levels.


  • The magic mixer can spawn predetermined blockers around its radius after a certain number of moves that can vary, although the default is three moves.
  • The magic mixer is capable of replacing the blockers around it with those it spawns if there are any.
  • The magic mixer takes 5 hits to destroy and when destroyed it creates an explosion that is equal to a wrapped candy + wrapped candy combo. Hitting it delays its spawning for one move.
  • In fanons, the magic mixer can spawn more blockers than in the real game (such as popcorn). Some fanons may even have the magic mixer spawning special candies and other items.


In this game, this blocker is called the Evil Spawner. It appears for the first type at level 706 in the 49th episode, Sugar Spires. It is very common afterwards, able to spawn a wide variety of items including even indestructible candy canes or other evil spawners.


  • This is one of the blockers from the real game that appears in fanons with more possibilities (i.e. it can spawn more blockers and other elements).


Magic Mixer

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