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Marmalade is a quite common blocker in Candy Crush Saga and most fanons. Marmalade is translucent, has a brown jelly in appearance, and is shiny, glimmering every few seconds.


Fanon First appearance Final appearance
CCJS Level 36 TBA
CCTCK Level 91 TBA
U5CCS Level 46 Level TBA (TBA appearances total)
T9CCS Level 13 TBA
C437CCS Level 4 TBA
CCTJ Level 36
K3N's Candy Crush Level 45 for CCSSS and CCFaSS TBA
hhhjk's fanons level 13 (single) level 61 (double) for hhhjk's candy crush saga TBA for HHKNAPKCCS TBA for both fanons


  • Marmalade is considered as a weaker variant of the licorice lock.
  • Marmalade is like many blockers in that it is simply broken by breaking the candy adjacent to the blocker, or by special candy effects. It also shares its properties with the liquorice lock blocker in that unlike chocolate, icings and most other blockers, candies can still be behind the blocker, and if a match can be made with the candy under the blocker, then the blocker will break. However, the marmalade can still be destroyed if the player is unable to make a match with the candy inside the blocker, as long as the match is made adjacent to the blocker. Even then, the colour of the candies matched need not necessarily be the same colour as the candy underneath the marmalade.
  • Usually, it is guarding a special candy that is already formed at the start of the level.
  • The first magic mixer can cover candies nearby with marmalade.

Multilayered marmalade

In some fanons, higher layers of marmalade may exist.

Double marmalade

Double Marmalade

This element appears in some fanons. It is similar to normal marmalade but it takes two hits to destroy. When hit once, it becomes a regular marmalade.

Magic Marmalade

  • Magic marmalade is a new type of marmalade appearing in Candy Crush Special Saga. It looks like a golden marmalade (regular marmalade is usually depicted as an orange colour). It magically transforms regular candies underneath it into special candies, based on the colour of the regular candy. The colour scheme is as follows:
    • Blue -> Striped Candy
    • Green -> Wrapped Candy
    • Orange -> Colour Bomb
    • Purple -> Jelly Fish
    • Red -> Coconut Wheel
    • Yellow -> Extra Moves Candy
    • Pink -> UFO