Metal Box
Metal boxes are a stationary indestructible blocker. 


  • Similar to a removed tile, but it negates striped candies effects and their combinations like a licorice swirl. This is a very threatening blocker that gives you nonsense.

Licorice Swirls under a sugar chest.

Licorice Swirl under Sugar Chest
  • When licorice swirls are inside sugar chests, they still block striped candy effects like metal boxes. This blocker combination appears in some fanons like Candy Crush Sugar Saga.
    • In some fanons, there are some levels which have licorice swirls beneath sugar chests, but without or insufficient keys to unlock the chests, making this blocker combination acting very like metal boxes.
    • In CCR and all fanons made by HM100, sugar chests with licorice swirls are not resistant to striped candies' effect.


  • This is one of very few elements that is not related to sweet food or drink in some way.
  • This is one of very few blockers that could be recreated in the main game from elements that already exist (licorice swirl in sugar chest, though the sugar chests can't be unlocked).
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