Level 876 is the first level to have Mint.

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Mint is a blocker in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. It appears for first time in the 60th episode, Peppermint Planet. The first level in which it is featured is Level 876. This blocker was created by Hyper Mystery.

This is an old blocker that appeared for first time in Candy Crush: The Caramel Kingdom (first version).


  • Takes two hits to "grow" the mint.
  • Two-layered mint behaves the same way as two-layered icing.
  • The last layer can reveal a striped mint or regular mint. Depending on the direction of the stripes, the striped mint clear a whole row or column.
  • Regular mint behaves the same way as sachet. The outcome is totally at random.
  • Unlike Multilayered Icing, candies destroyed by striped or wrapped candy affect adjacent mint squares.

Types of Mint

Image Name First appearance Hits to take
One-layered Mint Level 878 1
Level 884
Level 876
Mint Stage 2.png
Two-layered Mint Level 876 2


First Appearance Latest Appearance
Level 876 ???

Levels with Mint

15 levels have Mint.

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