New ufo

The "Mothership" is a new type of UFO introduced in Candy Crush Special Saga. It looks like a sparkly dark pink UFO. It first appears in the 58th episode.


  • The mothership is indestructible and immune to gravity. When hit with special candy effects it will summon one UFO (the equivalent of using the UFO booster).
  • When summoning a UFO, a shield will protect the mothership until the UFO has spawned its wrapped candies and flown away, so as not to cause endless cascades from the UFOs spawning wrapped candies that hit the motherships, causing them to spawn more UFOs, etc.
  • It can be seen as a counterpart of the blocker bobber, except it spawns UFOs instead of jelly fish.
  • Until the 82nd episode, the mothership can only spawn pink UFOs. It can spawn more types of UFOs after they have been introduced.
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