Multilayered Icing is a blocker in original Candy Crush Saga and almost every fanon. In the original game they have up to 5 layers, but some fanons have more than that.


Multilayered Icing is a stationary blocker that occupies one square. Matching candies adjacent to this blocker or hitting it with a special candy will take a layer off. Unlike Regular Icing, hitting an adjacent candy with a color bomb will also take a layer off.


In Trinket9's Candy Crush Saga, multilayered icing first appears in Level 46 in Minty Mansion. The first five layers of this blocker are scattered around the episode. The sixth layer, however, has no official introduction. It is first seen in level 254 in Jelly Jaunt. It is not an official introduction since this is the fourteenth level in said episode. Multilayered Icing is by far the most common blocker in the game. Usually at least 10 levels in each episode have this blocker. The one-layered version (also called sachet) is the second easiest blocker to clear, only behind marmalade.


In Courtemanche437's Candy Crush Saga, multilayered icing first appears in Level 11 in Candy Court, where two-layered icing debuts. Satchets first appear by themselves in Level 53 in Coffee Cottage, three-layered icing is introduced in Level 30 in Jelly Jail, four-layered icing makes its first appearance in Level 60 in Coffee Cottage, five-layered icing is first seen in Level 116 in Whipped Cream Warehouse, and finally, the blocker tops off at six layers in Level 326 in Marmalade Menagerie.


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