NPCCS is Np2402 's version of Candy Crush Saga.

For convenience, the game can only be played on screens that are at least 1024x512 px so both the code and the board are visible at the same time.

Lives System

You start with 50 lives. If you lose a level you lose a life but if you win a level you win a life. Lives take just 2 minutes to recharge. Not only that, your life counter can also go above 50. It works in real time, and all the better!


see this link and this link

Types of levels

There are five different types of levels.

Points Levels

The goal is to score at least a certain amount of points.

Clearout levels

The goal is to clear all triangles.


Collection Levels

The goal is to reach all targets in order. One target has to be accomplished before starting the next.

Timed Levels

The goal is to score a certain number of points in a certain amount of time.


The goal is to drop all ingredients to the ingredient exitsIngredients exit mobile


see page here.

How to play

You have to type in the coordinates of the two positions you want to switch like this.

For example, to switch B5 and C5, you have to type in "move(B5, C5)"

To use a booster, you also have to type a code.

For example, to use a switcher to switch D2 and E2, you have to type in "switch(D2, E2)"
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