Nectar Nursery
Episode Number 89
World 18
Levels 1311 to 1325
New features Beehive
Beehive in Locked Candies
Beehive in Marmalade blank
Honey6 Sprite order
Honey6 Sprite anti-order
Difficulty Unknown
Previous Next
Pumpkin Province Topping Tide

Nectar Nursery is the 89th episode of Candy Crush Special Saga. It's the special counterpart of the original saga's Honey Hut.

New Things

  • Beehive is introduced. When hit by special candies, a bee come outs of the beehive and targets a random tile, encasing it with honey. The number of layers the honey has is variable. The beehive is also immune to gravity and indestructible.
    • It can also appear in marmalade and licorice locks.
  • Honey can be required for orders/anti-orders for the first time.


This episode contains levels 1311 to 1325.


  • The episode title doesn't share any words with its original counterpart, however, the new feature is also referenced in the episode name.
  • This episode's new feature is inspired by the fact that the episode's regular counterpart has honey in the episode's background and story.
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