Nihu's Candy Crush Saga (NCCS) Is my first fanon made by Nihu. This fanon was created in 4th September 2019. This fanon includes many other elements! Some of them are in Candy Crush Saga, but some of them are fan-made elements, for example: Strawberry Chocolate.


  • 11th September 2020 - Fanon has beeen restarted!
  • 4th September 2019 - Fanon has been made!

Currency and World

Main Page: Currency (NCCS)

Crazyworld is another world for NCCS, which includes elements that are on Candy Crush Saga and fan-made elements which may be released too quickly, this world can be bought for 2 Sugar Keys (Not normal). This world is hard, containing at least 1 Medium level per episode/3 episodes List of Levels/Fan Elements on NCCS. Here is an list of these wonderful levels! You should go to these links to travel faster.

Mixed Levels

Mixed levels are quite common in some fanons, some fanons may make it very early or very late, my fanon started mixed levels at Level 66, here is an list of their combinations on my fanon.


Currently there are Only 8 types of levels on my fanon, more types will be added, most recent types to be added is anti-order.

Level type Icon Objective First level Latest level
Moves Moves Icon The player must meet the minimum score and use all of his moves. Level 1 ???
Jelly Jelly Icon The player must clear all of the jellies that are presented on the board in a amount of moves he is given. Level 5 ???
Ingredients Ingredients Icon The player must collect all of the ingredients on the bottom of the board in given amount of moves. Level 11 ???
Order Candy Order Icon The player must collect a specific number of colored candies, special candies, blockers or special candy combinations in a set number of moves or time limit. Level 21 ???
Jam Jam icon To win a jam level, the player must spread the jam through the entire board in a set number of moves or time limit. ??? ???
Anti Order Antiorder icon The player must use all given moves without collecting a specific amount of candies, special candies and blockers. ??? ???
Mixed Mixed Level The player has 2 or more types (maximum of 4) of levels. He can clear all of the jellies, collect the orders, collect the ingredients to the bottom in amount of moves or time. Level 51 ???
Timed Timed Icon The player has to get the minimum score in amount of time. Level 18 ???


Number Of Levels by type

Moves Icon Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Timed Icon Candy Order Icon Mixed Level Chocolate levels Antiorder icon M72 Clearing Logo Soda Icon
5 5 0 0 0 10 {{{Chocolate}}} 0 {{{Clearing}}} {{{Soda}}}

Candy Colors

NCCS has all six colors from the real game.

Levels by candy color amount

  • 1-colored levels: Does Not Exist;
  • 2-colored levels: First level is level 51;
  • 3-colored levels: First level is level 24;
  • 4-colored levels: First level is level 33;
  • 5-colored levels: First level is level 5;
  • 6-colored levels: First level is level 1;

Color Schemes

The color scheme is always ordered, so there won't be anything about not-ordered color scheme.

The usual color scheme is:

  • 1-colored levels: Blue;
  • 2-colored levels: Blue, Green;
  • 3-colored levels: Blue, Green, Orange;
  • 4-colored levels: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple;
  • 5-colored levels: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red;
  • 6-colored levels: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow


Each level has three target scores that award a star when they are reached. At least one star must be earned to advance to the next level, otherwise, the level is failed and the player must try again. Some levels, especially later in the game, can be very hard to pass for this reason. The various methods of scoring are as follows:

Image Condition Score
3 match
Match of 3 candies. 60 points
4 match
Match of 4 candies. 120 points
5 match
Match of 5 candies. 200 points
Striped blue h
Striped candy blast. 60 points x candies removed
Wrapped Candy blue
Wrapped candy explosion.

540 points

Candy Bomb Green
Candy bomb defused. 3,000 points
Color bomb effect
Candies cleared by color bomb. Sum of candy values x Number of candies directly affected
Cake Bomb
Candies cleared by cake bomb. 100 points
N/A Cascades Multiplies all points by the current cascade number (x2, x3, etc.)
Layer of jelly cleared. 1,000 points
Ingredient collected. 10,000 points
Regular candy collected for order. 100 points
N/A Color Bomb + Wrapped Combo (Old) 750 points per candy
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