Episode 027

Pancake Pagoda is the twenty seventh episode in Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga ROBT.

The champion title of this episode is currently unknown.


Before Episode

Gumzilla(aka. The Bubblegum Troll's son) is aming to destroy the pagoda. Carmel meets a dragon. Carmel asks the dragon: "You need help?". The dragon says: "Gumzilla is destroying the pagoda. We can't stop him".

After Episode

Carmel shoots a color bomb from a canon to The Bubblegum Troll's Son. After Carmel shot the color bomb, The Bubblegum Troll's Son falled. Then, The dragon is happy and he says to Carmel: "You saved the pagoda!".

New Things

  • N/A


Easiest Level: Level 390

Hardest Level: Level 383

Levels Level Type Level Difficulty
Level 381 Jelly Icon Considerably Hard
Level 382 Candy Order Icon Considerably Easy
Level 383 M72 Reverse Order Logo Hard
Level 384 M72 Blocker Logo Considerably Easy
Level 385 M72 Blocker Logo Hard
Level 386 Jelly Icon Easy
Level 387 M72 Clearing Logo Hard
Level 388 Jelly Icon Hard
Level 389 Candy Order Icon Easy
Level 390 Timed Icon Very Easy
Level 391 Ingredients Icon Hard
Level 392 Ingredients Icon Easy
Level 393 Jelly Icon Considerably Easy
Level 394 Candy Order Icon Considerably Hard
Level 395 Ingredients Icon Medium
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