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Peanut Plains (CCSS)
Episode Number 24
World 5
Levels 346 to 360
New features Strawberry Chocolate Locked Strawberry Chocolate
Strawberry Chocolate order
5 to 6
Red.png Yellow.png Green.png (Blue.png) Orange.png Purple.png
Difficulty Hard
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Minty Monolith Icing Islands

Peanut Plains is the twenty-fourth episode of Candy Crush Sugar Saga.

  • This is the first episode with a fan made element.

New Things

  • Strawberry Chocolate (Strawberry Chocolate) is introduced in level 346: Spreads like brown chocolate. The difference is that strawberry chocolate cannot break when adjacent candies are destroyed by special candies.
  • Locked Strawberry Chocolate (Locked Strawberry Chocolate) is introduced in level 347.
  • Strawberry chocolate order is introduced in level 356.


This episode contains levels 346 to 360.

Moves Levels Jelly Levels Ingredients Levels Candy Order Levels Chocolate levels M72 Clearing Logo.png Jelly Colour Icon (Alpha).png Jam levels Antiorder icon.png Banana levels Balance levels
1 4 3 4 3 - - - - - -
Easiest level
Level 360 CCSS
Hardest level
Level 352 CCSS
Hexagon icon.png Hardcore levels (Navy blue level is marked as Super Hard Level)
Chocolate levels 351 Jelly Levels 352 Ingredients Levels 353 Jelly Levels 355 Ingredients Levels 357
Level Type Moves Target Score Goal Colors Notes Playable
346 Jelly Levels Moves-50.png 1star (trans).png: 95.000 pts Double Jelly: 45 6 First level with Strawberry Chocolate X mark.svg.png
347 Candy Order Levels Moves-35.png 1star (trans).png: 35.000 pts Yellow Candies: 40   Green Candies: 40
Red Candies: 40
5 First level with Strawberry Chocolate X mark.svg.png
348 Chocolate levels Moves-28.png 1star (trans).png: 6.000 pts Chocolate  Strawberry Chocolate 4 First Chocolate levels level to require Strawberry Chocolate to be eaten. X mark.svg.png
349 Candy Order Levels Moves-45.png 1star (trans).png: 24.000 pts Blue Candies: 22 5 X mark.svg.png
350 Chocolate levels Moves-19.png 1star (trans).png: 75.000 pts Chocolate  Strawberry Chocolate 4 X mark.svg.png
351 Chocolate levels Moves-60.png 1star (trans).png: 10.000 pts Chocolate  Strawberry Chocolate 6 First level with both types of chocolate. X mark.svg.png
352 Jelly Levels Moves-75.png 1star (trans).png: 84.000 pts Single Jelly: 32   Double Jelly: 41 6 X mark.svg.png
353 Ingredients Levels Moves-50.png 1star (trans).png: 80.000 pts Cherry: 2 5 Yes check.svg.png
354 Moves Levels Moves-33.png 1star (trans).png: 80.000 pts 1star (trans).png: 80.000 pts 5 X mark.svg.png
355 Jelly Levels Moves-40.png 1star (trans).png: 128.000 pts Single Jelly: 32   Double Jelly: 31 4 X mark.svg.png
356 Candy Order Levels Moves-39.png 1star (trans).png: 10.000 pts Multilayered Icing: 32   Yellow Candies: 48
Strawberry Chocolate: 25
6 Strawberry Chocolate order are seen for the first time. X mark.svg.png
357 Ingredients Levels Moves-50.png 1star (trans).png: 31.000 pts Hazelnut: 2   Cherry: 1 6 X mark.svg.png
358 Ingredients Levels Moves-40.png 1star (trans).png: 40.000 pts Hazelnut: 1   Cherry: 1 5 X mark.svg.png
359 Jelly Levels Moves-40.png 1star (trans).png: 200.000 pts Double Jelly: 80 4 Yes check.svg.png
360 Candy Order Levels Moves-30.png 1star (trans).png: 100.000 pts Green Candies: 100   Color Bomb + Color Bomb Combination: 1 5 Yes check.svg.png



  • This is the first episode with a fan element.
    • This means that this is the first episode with unplayable levels.