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Level 816 is the first level to have Portal Tiles.

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Portal Tile is a element in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. It appears for first time in the 56th episode, Xigua Xebec. The first level in which it is featured is Level 816.


The Portal Tile teleports the effects of special candies to all Portal Tiles of the same colour. It comes in 3 colours: green (cross), blue (circle) and red (triangle).

  • Striped Candy: Yes.
  • Wrapped Candy: Yes (only one explosion).
  • Colour Bomb: No.
  • Coloring Candy: No.
  • Jelly Fish: No.
  • Coconut Wheel: Yes. It works like a regular striped candy.
  • Striped Candy + Striped Candy: Yes.
  • Striped Candy + Wrapped Candy: No.
  • Wrapped Candy + Wrapped Candy: Yes (only one explosion).
  • Colour Bomb Combinations: No.
  • Coloring Candy Combinations: No.
  • Jelly Fish Combinations: No.
  • Coconut Wheel Combinations: No.

If there is a blocker (except candy bomb and jinxed candy), ingredients or cereals on a Portal Tile, these will not work. Portal Tiles without candies, will not work neither. Chocolate and white chocolate can spread on Portal Tiles. Jinxed Candies can crack Portal Tiles during 4 moves.

Like safety square and conveyor belt, the only blockers that can be generated when a mystery candy is open in a Portal Tile are licorice swirls and candy bombs.



First Appearance Latest Appearance
Level 816 ???

Levels with Portal Tiles

13 levels have Portal Tiles.