Purple jelly, also known as a dark purple candy, is a candy which appears in some fanons. It first appeared in Candy Crush Soda Saga.


In most fanons, the candy behaves the same way as it does in the game it debuts in (making special candies from purple jellies will result in effects similar to special candy combinations involving the special candy created).

It can appear in levels with any number of colours, despite being the 8th candy colour in chronological order.


Dark purple candies first appear in Level 841, in the 57th episode.


The first level featuring purple jelly candies is level 60. It has a regular effect when matching three of dark purple candy. It displays powerful special properties when matched into special candies, usually as the combination effect of mixing two special candies of the same type.

  • When a candy fish is made of purple jelly, fish candies will be made and activated equal to the number of candies used.
  • When a striped candy is made of purple jelly, the four purple jelly candies will destroy 4 rows/columns.
  • When a wrapped candy is made of dark purple candies, it explodes once and destroys a 5x5 area.
  • When a color bomb is made of dark purple candies, it will explode and destroy all candies and strip one layer from all blockers, or the same effect as the color bomb + color bomb combination.
  • When a coloring candy is made of dark purple candies, dark purple bubbles will spew out, changing every candy into purple jellies. It is equal to the coloring candy + coloring candy combination.
  • Charm of the color: If you have this charm you also can create special candies with dark purple candy.
  • Extra Time Candy (Dark Purple) these candies look like normal dark purple candies but they have +? written on them in big letters,this means that these candies can give you +5 sec ,+10 sec ,+15 sec, with +5 sec more likely.
  • Candy Bomb (Dark Purple): For every 2 moves used, the number on the bomb will be reduced by one.
  • Sugar Key(Dark Purple): When it is destroyed, all the layers of all the chests open but only for 15 seconds.
  • Candy Frog(Dark Purple):making an explosion and taking the surrounding 16 candies (4*4 area) on the place he lands ; after that it changes colo(u)r.
  • Lucky Candy (Dark Purple): This will destroy the other candies, and the lucky candy will turn into a candy type that the player needs to fulfil an order, and if there are orders visible on the board this candy will break and collect 2 of the orders that you need most, only if these orders are visible on the board otherwise it will act as a normal lucky candy.
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