Regular Icing

Regular icing is a very common blocker in all Candy Crush levels. It is the first blocker encountered in nearly every game and is considered one of the easiest blockers to destroy.


Game First Appearance Last Appearance
CCSR Level 11 TBA
CCR Level 21 TBA
T9CCS Level 18 TBA
U5CCS Level 36 Level 45 (10 appearances total)
C437CCS Level 11 TBA
CCJS Level 9 (unofficial appearance)
Level 21 (official appearance)


Icing is a stationary blocker that occupies one space. It can be broken by making a match adjacent to it, or through any special candy effects reaching the blocker. color bomb + color bomb combination does not destroy it, however. As with all other blockers, Jelly might be underneath it. If a jelly is underneath an icing, the player is required to first clear the icing before reaching the jelly. 20 points is given when one icing is cleared. This is a very easy blocker to destroy compared to the other blockers in most fanons.

In some fanons, icings can also appear under licorice locks. To remove it, you have to clear the lock with special candies and the rest with a match adjacent to it. Currently, it is exclusive only to fanons created by HM.

For some fanons, it can also appear under double and triple locks. Simply use two and three special candies for white and red locks respectively and then follow the procedure of regular icing. It is also exclusive to fanons that were made by HM. In Candy Crush Super Saga and Candy Crush Nec Saga, the 2-layered locked regular icing has the texture of lock with cages instead of the ones with the white lock.


If there is a large amount of icings to deal with, consider making a lot of special candies, such as striped candies and wrapped candies, to destroy them. The only special candy that doesn't destroy icing is the colour bomb (except color bomb + striped candy).


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