Retro Candy Crush Saga is a spin-off of the original Candy Crush Saga game, and the second spin-off made entirely by Harveycane, after the canceled Candy Crush Bubblegum Saga. It is heavily based on the original Candy Crush released by King in 2011, with its interface and concept being used in the game, hence the "Retro" in the game title.

All levels had a set time limit which began immediately once the player made his/her first move. However, it is not only limited to timed levels, and also includes classic level types such as Jelly levels, Ingredients levels and many more new level types with time limits, essentially being a timed Mixed Mode level combination.

Level types

The only level type from Candy Crush Saga to not return in this game is the Moves levels, as this game runs entirely on a time limit, not with moves.

Timed levels Timed Icon

Introduced in level 1. They serve a role similar to the Moves levels in Candy Crush Saga, mainly used for the tutorials, before appearing rarely afterwards. There are usually at least one Timed level per episode.

Jelly levels Jelly Icon

Introduced in level 8. They work exactly the same as the original game, but run under a set time limit, much like a Mixed Jelly+Timed level combination. Like the original game, they are very common, but become less common once overshadowed by newer level types.

Ingredients levels Ingredients Icon

Introduced in level 14. You need to bring down a certain number of cherries, hazelnuts, and/or strawberries located on the board within the given amount of moves. They are common, just like in Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Order levels Candy Order Icon

Introduced in level 21. They are a common level type. There usually is 1 to 4 or more Candy Order levels per episode.


World 1

Episode Number Episode Name Number of levels Level Types Difficulty Release date
1 Candy Town 1-20 Timed Icon Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Easy Undetermined
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