Rice Ranch is the 38th episode of Candycrush071's Candy Crush. It contains levels 551 to 565. It is preceded by Meringue Mountains and succeeded by Salty Shores. This episode was released on March 11th, 2015.

New things

  • Jelly Fish in a Candy Order level (Level 551)
  • Jelly Fish in a Chocolate level (Level 553)
  • Jelly Fish in an Ingredients level (Level 561)


071Moves 071Jelly 071Ingredients 071Timed 071Order 071Chocolate 071Icing 071Jam 071Ice 071Energy 071Juice 071AntiOrder 071Mixed
0 3 3 1 4 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


  • This episode has alliteration.
    • This episode continues the long trend of episodes having alliteration or assonance.
  • Timed levels return after being absent in Meringue Mountains.
  • Levels 559, 560, and 563 are the only ones without any jelly fishes.
    • Level 559 was originally supposed to be the first timed level with jelly fishes, but they accidentally ended up not being included in that level.
    • That level is the first timed level with white chocolate.
  • In non-jelly levels, jelly fishes will target other elements. Their priorities are:
    • Chocolate (in chocolate levels)
    • Multilayered Icing (in icing levels)
    • Licorice Lock or Marmalade with ingredient underneath (in ingredients levels)
    • Otherwise, they will target random blockers
    • If there are no blockers on the board (not considering chocolate spawners), they will target random candies.
  • This is the first episode with a green banner since Kiwifruit Kingdom (15 episodes ago).
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