NOTE: This game has been discontinued. Sorry. Roaring Racetrack containls levels 11-20in Candy Crush Machar. 19 is moves. 11,13,15, and 17 are jelly.12,14,16, and 20 are ingredient levels. Level 18 is timed.

Winning Trophy

The Winning Trophy for Roaring Racetrack is Road Runner.

New Things

Level 18: Time Levels are introduced.

Level Goals

Level 11: Clear the Jelly in 20 moves! (Easy)

Level 12: Drop the ingredients in 15 moves! (Considerably Easy)

Level 13: Clear the Jelly in 30 moves! (Very Easy)

Level 14: Drop the ingredients in 10 moves! (Medium)

Level 15: Clear the Jelly in 25 moves! (Considerably Easy)

Level 16: Drop the ingredients in 20 moves! (Hard)

Level 17: Clear the Jelly in 25 moves! (Medium)

Level 18: Get 20000 points in 30 seconds! (Considerably Easy)

Level 19: Get 100000 points in 45 moves! (Considerably Hard)

Level 20: Drop the ingredients in 35 moves! (Hard)

Easiest and Hardest Level

Easiest: 13

Hardest: 16, 20

Before and after episode

Before: A car runs out of oil and forgets to bring some extra oil. After: Tiffi happened to bring oil, so she gave some to the car.

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