Level 6 Icing

The Six-layer Icing

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The Six-layer Icing is a blocker in S2CCSC437CCS, and CCJS.

Appearance and properties

The Six-layer Icing is almost identical to the Five-layer Icing, but it has a small white spot above the top layer of mahogany.

This blocker takes six hits to be destroyed. As a result, they can be really annoying even in small quantities because of the sheer difficulty in breaking them.


The Six-layer Icing will be introduced at Level 451.


Six-layered Icing is introduced at Level 326.



Six-layered Icing in CCJS.

Six-layered Icing is first seen as the item introduced for Episode 34, Icing Icefield. It is first seen in Level 486.

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