This is the main page for the Reality part of the fanon. To view the Switchworld variant, click here.

Storm2's Candy Crush Saga (S2CCS) is a fanon created by Storm2 with minor assistance from strong coffee, Game Maker and Richard the cat


There are currently 450 levels in S2CCS, split into 26 Reality episodes and 4 Switchworld episodes.

Differences between fanon and reality

  • Candy Order levels are introduced far earlier than in Reality. They first appear at Level 6. Conversely, timed levels are introduced much later, at Level 196.
  • Special Candies in licorice locks first appear in Level 148.
  • New types of orders are introduced at Level 121.
  • There are some new elements as well, including toffee (introduced at Level 241) and colour clearers (Level 496). See Fan Elements for more.
  • The lives and tickets are abolished. Because who wants to hang round waiting for lives/new levels? xD

Links to Reality episodes

World One

World Two

World Three

World Four

World Five

Links to Switchworld episodes

Switchworld is currently being uploaded to the Fanon wiki. Links will appear soon.

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