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Strawberry Candy from Nec and Trompeta Sagas

Candy Φράουλα οr Strawberry Candy is one of the candy colors in some fanons


It is a lighter pink candy donut with some green topping. It can come in varation of normal candy and some others.

Game differences

Nec Saga

  • It can come in any varation of Fish, Mystery Candy, Key etc.
  • Considered as 10th color.
  • It can be spawned from other candies and can appear from 5 and more color levels.
  • 2 of them can appear from 6 color levels and up.
  • 3 all can appear from 10 color levels and up.

Trompeta Saga

  • It is considered to appear both of them in any color level (3 to 8).
  • It never has 9 color levels.
  • In order to spawn, it must contain 1 less color (7 color levels that contain this candy are considered 8 color levels).


  • It works like the DarkPurple but:
    • It works across boards
    • Has the range of 150%
    • Removes 2 layers from a blocker/jelly
    • Can clear Strawberry Blockers of any kind with one hit, no matter if it needs special candies to be removed.


  • This candy color works like Sugar Candy from CCSR. But it acts as extra color instead of an elements.
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