The sugar chest is a blocker from the original game that appears in most fanons.


  • The sugar chest can usually have up to 5 layers (though some fanons may have six-layered chests, which don't exist in the original game).
  • To remove and unlock the chests, you must collect sugar keys, one for each layer.
  • Formerly, sugar chests could only hold candies and ingredients. This has changed so that anything can appear in sugar chests, which eventually happened in the original game, circa 2017.
  • Blockers that block special candy effects will continue to do so while in chests.
  • Nothing in sugar chests can be interacted with, until the chest is unlocked.

Special Chests

  • Special chests first appear in Candy Crush Special Saga. These sugar chests only have one layer, but they are unlocked differently. They look like golden one-layered sugar chests. The player must fulfil a certain requirement to unlock special chests.
  • Some of the requirements are as follows:
    • Clear a certain number of candies, blockers, special candy combos, etc.
    • Get a certain number of points.
    • Make a certain number of moves.
    • Completely clear a certain blocker from the board.
    • Have a certain amount of a particular element on the board at any time.

Coloured Chests

Red Chest Orange Chest Yellow Chest Green Chest Blue Chest Pink Chest Purple Chest

  • These are sugar chests that can only be opened with a sugar key of the same colour.


  • Certain elements surrounding the sugar chest that haven't happened in the main game also haven't happened in fanons, i.e. they can't be spawned by magic mixers and they can't be encased by marmalade or licorice locks.


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