Sugar Cube is a level type in Candy Crush Earth Saga.


To win a sugar cube level, you must break all the sugar cubes into sugar crystals with a special candy (much like 1 layered popcorn) and it does block special candy effects.. Then you must dissolve the sugar by bringing the caramel or liquid caramel to the square it is in.

Sugar cubes are of two types - Brown and White. While white sugar cubes are movable, their brown counterparts are immovable. However, brown sugar crystals are movable.

In certain levels Sugar cubes can be bigger than 1 square. They can be in any shape. Sugar cubes can also be dispensed from Candy Cannons in some levels.

Candy Crush Earth Saga

They are introduced at Level ???. They are quite common and occur in all episodes after their introduction. After they are introduced, Caramel levels become very rare. This is the first level type to have elements of another level type, namely caramel. The next such level type is fizz, containing the elements of Soda levels.

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