Candy Crush Saga Fanon Wiki

The sugar key is an element from the original game that appears in most fanons.


  • It usually works the same way as it does in the original game (so it can be any colour, appears alongside sugar chests and presumably disappears when all chests are opened).
  • However, they are a couple of differences. Because most fanons have more colours, the sugar key can be pink, dark purple or cyan (colours that didn't exist in the original game). Also, the sugar key may sometimes be absent in levels with sugar chests as part of a gimmick to make licorice swirls in sugar chests indestructible.
  • They can be dispensed from cannons, just like in the original. However, in some fanons they may be dispensed from the same cannons as other elements that couldn't be dispensed in the original game, i.e. jelly fish.


Sugar Key