Sugar Tornado(Sugar Tornado) is a blocker in some fanons like CC811, T9CCS and Candy Crush Sugar Saga.


They appear in Episode 64, appearing for the first time in Level 981.

Sugar Saga

They will appear in Episode 102, appearing for the first time in Level 1516.


In T9CCS they appear very late, in episode 81.


They will appear in Episode 85 for the first time in Level 1286.


They do not appear in UCCS, but there exists a Fierce Toffee Tornado which acts the same as a sugar tornado. They are introduced in Level 856.

In jam levels, if a fierce toffee tornado makes a hole on the board, the objective will be readjusted so that the level would be completable.


They look the same as toffee tornadoes, but it's white instead of caramel, because of obvious reasons (Sugar). These tornadoes are much trickier than toffee tornadoes, since sugar tornadoes make holes on the board instead of only a crack. Unlike toffee tornado, the sugar tornado moves every 3 moves. Can be permanently removed by a single hit from special candies.

Since Sugar Tornado makes holes on the board, this can make ingredients, candy order, timed, and moves levels much harder. Jelly levels can be easier however.

The hole is made when Sugar Tornado exits from the landed tile and move to another tile.


  1. When Sugar Tornado hit a jelly, the entire jelly is removed, making the sugar tornado helpful in some cases.
  2. They don't land on ingredients.
  3. If they land on a blocker that is required as part of an order, the blocker will count towards to order, making the sugar tornado helpful in some cases.
  4. When Sugar Tornado lands on special candies, the special candy will activate, making its effect.
  5. They will not land on candy frogs.
  6. Sugar Tornado tend to attack regular candies only, but attack other things as well.


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