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Episode 41
World 7
Levels 601-615
Character Benny


New features See "New things"

New cannon combinations are added.

Difficulty Extremely Hard - Nearly Impossible
Released Unknown
Quest progression
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Fence Farm Swirly Steppes

Sugary School is the 41st episode in LucZha's Candy Crush Saga and the fifth episode of World 7. It contains levels 601-615. This episode was released on , and it is preceded by Fence Farm and is succeeded by Swirly Steppes.


Level 601

  • Tiffi's first period class was history class. The teacher shows the class a video of different creation stories of the ancient world, and the level appears as the teacher is lecturing about the Chinese creation story and the legend of Yin and Yang.

Level 602

  • Soon, they are actually being warped back time to meet ancient peoples in person. The level shows as they are going through the Portal of Time into the ancient lands.

Level 603

  • A witch in China appears. He requests certain sweets to make a cauldron mix as a classic for the Spring Festival, just like regular candy orders, but her requests are weird! Instead of requesting a regular candy collection by quantity, he gives Tiffi a recipe that requests striped candies (60), but percentage amounts of other regular candies. The witch tells her, "Besides the sixty stripes, I need at least 150 candies. You can get more, as long as you balance the percentages given on the recipe." Tiffi is assisted by her math teacher, but is still confused. This becomes the foundation of the new way of collecting orders in this level.

Level 604

  • Second period: Science class, back in the present day. The warm-up: Talk about how frogs, ladybugs, and butterflies were ever to live on Earth, and how they got so far apart. The level board then shows a butterfly.

Level 605

  • Science class continued: The class takes a field trip to an active volcanic dig site. When they arrive, they notice the lava is spreading as fast and fluidly as the Chocolate in the actual game. The level board then shows the erupting volcano.

Level 606

  • The conclusion of the science field trip: They go investigate a desert cactus, and yet another person is picking things from the cactus and has a recipe that is like the one that the Chinese witch had. With caution, Tiffi picks the berries and teardrops from the cactus.

Level 607

  • The school bus stops for some reason: the engine was malfunctioned with ingredients the teacher packed into the bus for lunch! The students must help the science teacher to get back to school in time for their next period by freeing the ingredients for the school bus to continue normally, but getting the ingredients out is tougher than many people think: the bus engine is very sturdy!

Level 608

  • The next period that Tiffi has to go to is English class. Journal writing is always at the beginning of the class, and Tiffi writed about a candy world with some metal boxes. The level board is shown as an illustration.

Level 609

  • Tiffi writes in descriptive writing about fixing the sewer system. The sewer manager has a special recipe to make his pipes. Tiffi inside the level arrives to help the sewer manager and get writing ideas.

Level 610

  • In her writing, Tiffi writes about how the Center for Chaos Containment might react to an earthquakes in the sewers caused by workers, hence the candy combinations in this level.

Level 611

  • Another day at the sewer system. Tiffi works at the sewers to find clogged-up pipes, and attempts to fix them. The path of the water is shown in the ingredient path of this level.

Level 612

  • Next period features the nationally-renowned Advanced Orchestra. Tuning Tiffi's cello has been a big deal of work today. Help Tiffi fix and re-tune his instrument by playing the level to see what's wrong.

Level 613

  • The teacher tells the string instrument players that they all have to contribute at a different weight due to the size of their sections. Tiffi seems alarmed when the teacher told her cello section to play louder and the violins to play softer. The teacher also doesn't want any section or individual player to stand out as well.

Level 614

  • The orchestra is being seated for a dress rehearsal. The teacher promptly tells them their seating to take attendance. Tiffi is at the front seat, but her chair is a mess that she can't play her cello with her seat in that uncomfortable of a state. With the help of her teacher, Tiffi cleans up all the chairs in the music room.

Level 615

  • After all classes have been attended for the day. Tiffi discovered that the Bubblegum Troll had gotten revenge when she was playing in the Advanced Orchestra class. He had put many weird sticky things in her backpack that Tiffi even has a hard time leaving school that day!

After episode:

  • After the chocolate has been disposed of, Tiffi is able to successfully leave school, hoping for a good weekend. When she returns home, her parents greeted her, but she refused the invitation and did her homework. At dinner that night, Tiffi told her parents about her great adventure at the Sugary School. A tornado appears in the background as she goes to sleep, possibly a hint for her next adventure.

New things

New cannon combinations are added:

  • Mystery candy + chameleon candy at level 614.

Board flow appeared in timed levels for the first time in level 611, before it was reverted to its unreleased version.

Candy order levels have candy orders shown as a percentage of certain colors out of a total number of candies are presented to the player for the first time in level 603

Metal boxes appear for the first time in level 608.

This episode marks the first time the episode story forms an arc after every level, as there is a cutscene every time the player starts the level. This is probably to contemplate with the episode's difficulty.


This episode contains levels 601 to 615.

Sugary School is an extremely hard - nearly impossible episode, with a mean of 6,93. It contains five hard levels: 601, 603, 606, 609, and 610, three very hard levels, 602, 607, and 608, four extremely hard levels, 604, 605, 611, and 615, one nearly impossible level: 612, and one variable level: 614. Overall, this episode is much harder than the previous episode, Fence Farm.

Moves Levels Jelly Levels Ingredients Levels Candy Order Levels Mixed Mode levels
0 6 4 5 0
The easiest level:
Level 610
The hardest level:
Level 612
Sugar Drop icon.png Sugar Drop Levels
Ingredients Levels [[Level 601]] Ingredients Levels [[Level 604]] Jelly Levels [[Level 612]]
Hexagon icon.png Hexagon Levels
Jelly Levels 602 Ingredients Levels 604 Jelly Levels 605 Jelly Levels 608 Jelly Levels 612 Jelly Levels 615
Green.png Blue.png Orange.png
Orange.png Green.png Blue.png Purple.png
Red.png Green.png Blue.png Orange.png Purple.png
Red.png Orange.png Yellow.png Green.png Blue.png Purple.png
Red.png Orange.png Yellow.png Green.png Cyan.png Blue.png Purple.png
Red.png Orange.png Yellow.png Green.png Cyan.png Blue.png Purple.png DarkPurple.png
4 4 7 0 0 0
26.67% 26.67% 46.67% 0% 0% 0%

 Difficulty code summary (details here)

NoneVery EasyEasySomewhat EasyMediumSomewhat HardHardVery HardInsanely HardNearly ImpossibleVariable

 Note that goals include target score.

0 0 0 0 0 1 5 3 4 1 1
Difficulty Level Type Moves/Time Target score Requirements Candy colors Notes
Hard 601 Ingredients Levels Moves-50.png 1star (trans).png: 50 000 pts Hazelnut: 2   Cherry: 3 5 There is a glitch in this level that causes random entities to disappear
Very Hard 602 Jelly Levels Moves-42.png 1star (trans).png: 62 000 pts Double Jelly: 31 3 This level once had a jelly under a chocolate spawner rendering it impossible
Hard 603 Candy Order Levels Moves-42.png 1star (trans).png: 75 000 pts Red Candies: 38   Green Candies: 52
Orange Candies: 60   Striped2 (trans).png: 60

NOTE: The player must precisely collect the certain amount of these candies. However, 39 red, 54 green, 60 orange acceptable, but the order can't be overcollected (except by cascade)

5 First Candy Order level with percentage-based goals

These will be translated to actual amounts, but results must be precise by at most 5 candies over the requirements

Extremely Hard 604 Ingredients Levels Moves-60.png 1star (trans).png: 40 000 pts Hazelnut: 2   Cherry: 2 4 Was one of the hardest ingredients levels in the game despite having four candy colors before it was nerfed to have 60 moves
Extremely Hard 605 Jelly Levels Moves-70.png 1star (trans).png: 125 000 pts Single Jelly: 16   Double Jelly: 34 5 This was a 4 colored level before a huge buff
Hard 606 Candy Order Levels Moves-54.png 1star (trans).png: 15 000 pts Orange Candies: 80%   Yellow Candies: 20%

(Minimum 100 candies)

Mystery Egg: 25

4 This level's board is similar to the original level 1525
Very Hard 607 Ingredients Levels Moves-55.png 1star (trans).png: 60 000 pts Hazelnut: 3   Cherry: 3 3 This was one of the hardest 3 colored levels in the game until it was nerfed
Very Hard 608 Jelly Levels Moves-60.png 1star (trans).png: 100 000 pts Double Jelly: 65 5 Metal boxes officially appear for the first time in this level
Hard 609 Candy Order Levels Moves-45.png 1star (trans).png: 70 000 pts Red Candies: 25%   Blue Candies: 75%
: 3

(Min. 150 candies)

4 First coexistence of percentage-based candy orders and special candy combination orders (CB+Striped)
Hard 610 Candy Order Levels Moves-60.png 1star (trans).png: 1 000 000 pts
5   Wrapped Candy + Wrapped Candy Combination: 3
: 2
5 The first level with all wrapped candy combinations required
Extremely Hard 611 Ingredients Levels Moves-61.png 1star (trans).png: 40 000 pts Hazelnut: 2   Cherry: 2 5 Similar to the unreleased version of level 1424 in the original game
Nearly Impossible 612 Jelly Levels Moves-60.png 1star (trans).png: 100 000 pts Single Jelly: 18   Double Jelly: 40 4 Former hardest level in the game
Somewhat Hard 613 Candy Order Levels Moves-35.png 1star (trans).png: 120 000 pts Purple Candies: 25%   Red Candies: 50%
Yellow Candies: 25%

(Min. 90 candies)

3 Similar to the original level 2703
Variable 614 Jelly Levels Moves-50.png 1star (trans).png: 120 000 pts Double Jelly: 52 2 The only level in this episode with fewer than 35 moves
Extremely Hard 615 Jelly Levels Moves-61.png 1star (trans).png: 125 000 pts Double Jelly: 67 5 Was the hardest five-color level until its succession by later levels


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