SuperKstar's Candy Crush Saga(or SKsCCS) is a spin-off to the famous Candy Crush Saga.This game contains new characters as well and new blockers and elements.It's a type of Candy Crush Saga that introduces one blocker/level type/booster/element in every episode.It has got a lot of worlds.

New Things

  • Jelly Spawner:A machine that creates jelly.Found only in jelly levels.
  • Brownie:Takes two tiles.Multiplies like chocolate but can't be destroyed by normal matches,but only from special matches.If you do a normal match near of it,it will have the double number of the candies in the match.(Ex.If you do a match with three candies,it will take six tiles).
  • Candy Dino:It's a new element.Every five moves,a dinosaur will eat your best combo match of the board.(Ex.You're ready to do a Color Bomb,but Candy Dino eats it,without leaving the Color Bomb.
  • Candy Worm:It's a candy worm that makes the board to be sliced in two parts.You can destroy the candy worm with special candies,though.
  • Triple Jelly:A jelly that needs three matches.
  • Quadruple Jelly:A jelly that needs four matches.


This is a list of the levels of SuperKstar's Candy Crush Saga.

World One

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Candy Town (SKsCCS) Old Lady 1-10 Moves Levels,Candy Combos,Jelly,Jelly Levels,Lollipop Hammer,Jelly Fish,Extra Moves Very Easy
Candy Cane Forest Candy Baby 11-20 Ingredients Levels,Timed Levels,Double Jelly,Colour Bomb,Coconut Wheel,Free Switch Very Easy-Easy
Jelly River Boater 21-35 Icing,Extra Time,Stripped and Wrapped Booster Easy
Vanilla Hill Scientist 36-50 Liquorice Lock Easy
Chocolate Chip Rainforest Chocolate Chip Tiger 51-65 Chocolate,Sweet Teeth Considerably Easy

World Two

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Doughnut Mystery Little Boy 66-80 Teleporters Medium
Caramel Cottage Woman 81-95 Liquorice Swirl Considerably Hard
Gingerbread Street Driver 96-110 Candy Bombs,Bomb Cooler Hard
Whipped Cream Sea Jelly Fish 111-125 Sashet,Two-Layered Icing Easy
Honey Disco Dancer 126-140 Candy Order Levels,Lucky Candy Medium

World Three

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Cupcake Moon Astronaut 141-155 Three-Layered Icing Hard
Cake Farm Farmer 156-170 Chocolate Sprawner,Bubblegum Troll Booster Very Hard
Frosting Mountain Mountaineer 171-185 Four-Layered Icing Considerably Easy
Sprinkles Shop Shop Assistance 186-200 Marmalade Easy
Marshmallow Restaurant Waiter 201-215 Colour Bomb and 5+ candies in marmalade Considerably Hard

World Four

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Nutty Butter Cup Catapult Candy Kingdom Soldier 216-230 Candy Cannon (only liquorice swirls here only) Hard
Rock Candy Theatre Actor 231-245 Lucky Candy Medium
Chocolate Pool Swimmer 246-260 Jelly Fish and Coconut Wheel in marmalade Considerably Easy
Chocolate Egg Volcano Citizen 261-275 Bomb producing Candy Cannon Very Hard
Jelly Bean Hotel Tourist 276-290 Five-Layered Icing Hard

World Five

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Cupcake Castle King 291-305 Chameleon Candies Medium
Starlight Candy Candy Kingdom President 306-320 Cake Bomb Very Hard
Gum Museum Tour Guide 321-335 Mstery candies in liquorice lock Easy
Pudding Tub Mechanic 336-350 Toffee Tornado Very Hard
Sugar Forest Sugar Creature 351-365 Conveyor belt Medium

World Six

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Candy Corn Library Library Worker 366-380 Conveyor belt with corners Hard
Gummy Beach Ice Cream Seller 381-395 Candy Cannon (Now bombs,ingredients and licorice) Considerably Easy
Spooky Jack-o-Latern Jack-o-lantern 396-410 Candy Frog Very Easy
Chocolate Milk Tsounami Citizens of Candy Kingdom 411-425 Special Candy in liqorice lock Medium
Dughnut Harbor Owner of a ship 426-440 Sugar Key and One-Layered Sugar Chest Considerably Hard

World Seven

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Brownie Tower Old man 441-455 Two-Layered Sugar Chest Medium
Gingerbread Meadow Cat 456-470 Three-Layered Sugar Chest Very Hard
Sugar Skull Bridge Sugar Skull 471-485 Four-Layered Sugar Chest Easy
Fudge Temple Chinese martial artist 486-500 Five-Layered Sugar Chest Hard
Caramel Pyramid Caramel Mummy 501-515 Special Candies in Sugar Chests Very Easy

World Eight

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Tutti Frutti Jungle Tutti Frutti Snake 516-530 Coconut Wheels behind of liquorice locks Considerably Hard
Lollipop Bits Fjord Cascader 531-545 Popcorn Medium
Cotton Candy Jail Jack (at reality he went to jail because his antagonist said that he's a robber,and the judge believed him.) 546-560 Ingredients in marmalade Easy
Coca Cola Jelly Fireplace Tiffi's Grandfather 561-575 Triple Jelly Considerably Hard
Candy String Game Store Mr.Billy 576-590 Quadruple Jelly Very Hard

World Nine

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Coconut Wheel Circus Clown 591-605 Timed +10 candies Very Easy
Jelly Fish Fishing Fisherman 606-620 Empty Marmalade Considerably Easy
Honey Windmill Dutch Boy 621-635 Brownie Very Hard
Cinnamon Rain Woman 636-650 Jelly Sprawner Very Hard
Soda Laboratory Soda Spider 651-665 Chocolate with nuts Very Hard

World Ten

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Just Desserts Sweet Monster 666-680 Candy Worm Very Hard
Cookie Dough Garage Car Fixer 681-695 Jelly Dinosaur Hard
Sundae Monster University Sundae Monster 696-710 Marmalade Tornado Medium
Gingerbread Marathon Gingerbread Woman 711-725 Six-Layered Icing Hard
Cream Coast Cream Dragon 726-740 Seven-Layered Icing Considerably Easy

World Eleven

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Sugary Agentcy Worker of the agentcy 741-755 Eight-Layered Icing Easy
Sweet Timed Madness Candy Hourglass 756-770 Nine-Layered Icing Hard
Milkshake Coast Candy Octopus 771-785 Ten-Layered Icing Very Hard
Cherry Mines Sugar Mine 786-800 Candy Mine Very Hard
Lollipop Bits Garden Lolly 801-815 Rock Candy Considerably Hard

World Twelve

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Soda Bathtub Mr.Yeti 816-830 X Candy Very Easy
Sweet Family Anniversary Tiffi's family 831-845 Waffle Medium
Wafer City Mayor 846-860 Blocker Levels Hard
Candy Village Poor Man 861-875 Sugar Crush Levels Medium
Crunchy Gym Fighter 876-890 Blocker Select Booster Easy

World 13

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Delicious Party Club Dancer 891-905 Special Candy Creation Booster Very Easy
Candy Wars Soldier 906-920 Giant Liqorice Lock Considerably Hard
Chocolate Valley Dog 921-935 Clear-the-board levels Hard
Sprinkle Skateboard Skateboarder 936-950 Clear-the-board booster Easy
Candy Sprites Sprite 951-965 Cake bomb behind of giant liqorice lock Hard

World 14

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Twilight Cinnamon Stick Cinnamon Stick 966-980 Moving Candies Hard
Brownie Bay Starfish 981-995 Booster Killer Very Hard
Chocolate Canyon Bird 996-1010 Candy Bombs in Sugar Chests Very Hard
Hateful Meeting Bubblegum Troll 1011-1025 Bubblegum Medium
Eggnog Glade Magician 1026-1040 Luck Wheel Candies Easy

World 15

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Taffy Inner City Bubblegum Troll 1041-1055 Taffy Very Easy
Savory Bar Electra 1056-1070 Evil Candy Hard
Butterscotch Amusement Park Candy Ferris Wheel 1071-1085 Candy Wheel Medium
Sour Stadium Baseball Fan 1087-1100 Syrup Considerably Hard
Meringue Caves Bat 1101-1115 Jelly Tornado Hard

World 16

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Sugary Canteen Student 1116-1130 Candy Shark Very Hard
Biscuit Ship Captain 1131-1145 Biscuit Medium
Cereal Emporium Empress 1146-1160 Cereal Hard
Fizzy Bank Administrator 1161-1175 Cereal Break Booster Easy
Crunchy Elevator/Lift Fixer 1176-1190 Extra 1+ move candy Medium

World 17

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Chewy Speedboat Sailor 1191-1205 Extra +2 moves candies Very Easy
Bonbon Mall Girl 1206-1220 Extra +5 moves candies Very Hard
Cookie Construction Site Bulldozer 1221-1235 Cookie Hard
Dizzy Tunnelway Worker 1236-1250 Syrup with nuts Very Hard

World 18

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Blooming Hideout Bubblegum Troll 1251-1265 Lucky Candy Fortune Booster Medium
Rambunctious Dreamer Sleepy Man 1266-1280 Candy Dream Change Very Hard
Fanciful Robot Factory Robot 1281-1295 Timed Moves Level Medium
Bubbly City Hall Chief of the police 1296-1310 Ingredients in Sugar Chests Hard

World 19

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Jiggly Rooftop Kite 1311-1325 Squared Teleporter Medium
Starlight Subway Subway Surfer 1326-1340 Blocker Cannon Insanely Hard
Gelato Park Vice 1341-1355 Moving Jelly Easy
Juicy Arena Wrestler 1356-1370 Milky Liquorice Swirl Considerably Hard
Ice Cream Jacuzzi Rich Man 1371-1385 Candy Jack Medium

World 20

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Pastille Dojo Ninja 1386-1400 Striped Candy Jelly Fish under Marmalade Easy
Marmalade Mines Miner 1401-1415 Wrapped Candy Jelly Fish under Marmalade Very Easy
Minty Karate Club Karate Kid 1416-1430 Colour Bomb Jelly Fish under Marmalade Considerably Easy
Soda Nail Station Woman 1431-1445 Cookie Dough Medium
Shortcake Department Bubblegum Troll 1446-1460 Sprinkle Candy Considerably hard

World 21

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Frosting Bike Gear Biker 1461-1475 Frosting Hard
Sugarshell Clown School Clown Teacher 1476-1490 Wrapped Jelly Fish Booster Easy
Gooey Bulldoze Bulldozer 1491-1505 Wrapped Jelly Fish under Jelly Medium
Glazed Swamp Stinky Man 1506-1520 Candy Fork Considerably Easy
Palm Sugar Teleport Bubblegum Troll 1521-1535 Super Explode Candy Medium

World 22

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Sweet Mobile Candy Mobile 1536-1550 Fire Candy Very Hard
Gummy Future Future Tiffi 1551-1565 Candy Corn Very Hard
Jelly Bog Snail 1566-1580 Jelly on empty space Medium
Tasty Country-house Woodcutter 1581-1595 Double Jelly on empty space Hard
Surreal Clearing Insect 1596-1610 Coconut Wheel in a candy order level Easy

World 23

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Caramel Castle Prince 1611-1625 Pie Catapult Medium
Biscuit Planet Alien 1626-1640 Triple Jelly on empty space Considerably Hard
Candytopia Happy boy 1641-1655 Quadruple Jelly on empty space Hard
Pastille Rooftop Pigeon 1656-1670 Goop Insanely Hard
Sweet Berry Blueberry 1671-1685 Anti-Order Levels Hard

World 24

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Bonbon Beat Dancer 1686-1700 Remove Move Booster Easy
Sour Caves Bat 1701-1715 Candy Push Medium
Tart Bakery Baker 1716-1730 Cascade Level Very Easy
Tasty Smile Tooth Fairy 1731-1745 Cascade Maker Booster Very Easy
Wacky Bar Cowboy 1746-1760 Conveyor Belt Stopper Hard

World 25

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Jelly Fort Warrior 1761-1775 Juice Box Very Easy
Charming Noir Mystery Nab 1776-1790 Liquo-colate Very Hard
Gummy World Gummy Star 1791-1805 Coconut Wheels in Jelly Levels Easy
Color Army Soldier 1806-1820 Lucky Candies in licorice locks Medium
Sweet Drop Drop 1821-1835 UFO Easy

World 26

Episode Name Character Levels New Things Difficulty
Truffle Spoon Factory Businesswoman 1836-1850 Ingredients in licorice lock Hard
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