Tarts are uncommon blockers in some fanons. They have the same texture as the cupcakes in Candy Crush Jelly Saga.


  • Like multilayered icing matching candies adjacent to this blocker or hitting it with a special candy will take a layer off. Hitting an adjacent candy with a color bomb will also take a layer off, too.
  • It doesn't interrupt candy flow, similar to a portal, unless there is another immovable blocker or candy frog on top of it (it doesn't count if there isn't a tile above it, as candies can spawn below the tarts in this case). Teleporters don't interrupt the flow and bubblegum sticker don't act as blockers nor tiles.
  • In CC071, tarts in the lowest row have arrows under them to indicate that candies can teleport there (similar to a teleport exit), unless the tarts are not connected because there is a gap in between (where arrows appear under each lowest connected tart), or are in the lowest row of the board, or have their entry blocked by an immovable blocker. These arrows change their position automatically as the tarts get cleared.


Fanon Tart First appearance Last appearance
CC071 Tart 1 Level 1391 TBA
Tart 2 Level 1391 TBA
Tart 3 Level 1393 TBA
Tasty Tour Saga Tart 1 TBA TBA
Tart 2 TBA TBA
Tart 3 TBA TBA
Tart 4 TBA TBA
Tart 5 TBA TBA
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