This template displays icons representing combinations of candy colors which are used in various levels in Candy Crush Sugar Saga.


Rules for typing the candy colors in this template.

  • For levels with one candy color, simply type the first letter of color that you want. The letter in this case represents the color that will be displayed.
{{Candies CCSS|O}}

And display this 1
Orange CCJS.

  • For levels with more than one color, type the color scheme that you want to use. Note, the number represents how many spawning colors the level have, and the letter represents the color scheme.
{{Candies CCSS|2E}}
will display

Orange CCJSGreen CCJS;

{{Candies CCSS|4B}}
will display

Red CCJSOrange CCJSGreen CCJSPurple CCJS.

The following combinations are added.

1 color

Simply type the first letter of the color in the template.

2 colors

  • For levels with two colors or more, type the color scheme in the template: Ex: "2C" will display the corresponding color scheme.

3 colors

4 colors

5 colors

6 colors

7 colors

8 colors

9 colors

10 colors

11 colors

Non-spawning colors

For levels with a color that don't respawn, type the first letter of the non-spawning colors, then the spawning color scheme. Note: The typing of non-spawning color must be in alphabetical order. "BCDGLOPiPRWY".

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