The Krusty Candy is the first episode from World One of Candy Crush Saga 3. The difficulty of the episode was Extremely Hard! You get free 100 gold bar from CASG! Candy Factory is coming up!!

This episode is extremely hard this level contains 3 hard levels, 3 considerably hard levels and one impossibly hard levels. This episode considered much harder than the next episode, Candy Factory.

Level Gallery

Level 1 (CCS3) Level-Ideas3(1) Level-Ideas5 Level-Ideas4NerfedVersion Level-Ideas10 Level-Ideas12 Level-Ideas16 LevelIdea1-CO1 Level9-CCS3 Level-idea22

New Features on Levels

  • Level 1: Chocolate, Chocolate Spawner, Cake Bomb. Liquorice Swirls and Jelly levels (unofficial)
  • Level 2: Five-layered icing, four-layered icing, two-layered icing, Marmalade, Licorice Locks, Mystery Candy, Jelly-fish in marmalade, Candy Bombs and Colour Bomb in Marmalade (unofficial)
  • Level 3: Separated Boards (unofficial) and Jelly levels (official)
  • Level 4: Little boards/one row-board (official)
  • Level 5: Popcorns (unofficial)
  • Level 6: Moves levels (official) and non-blocker level (unofficial)
  • Level 7: Sachet (unofficial)
  • Level 8: Icing (official)
  • Level 9: Four-board level (official)
  • Level 10: Non-blocker level (official)


  • This is the first time to have five consecutive jelly levels.
  • Level 4 has been nerfed. 
  • This is officially The Hardest Episode in Reality, actually this episode has lower than 6.15. 
The Krusty Candy
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