• I have an idea of Candy Crush Saga Fanon Wiki management. That is "Committee Group." They are the users ranking from Chat Moderators to Bureaucrat helping enforce wiki's rules and policies.

    One of the committee users is a Committee Group Supervisor, who supervises the whole group and wiki and grants the rights to the users who become Committee Members. (We will elect in the next thread.)


    • Enforce the wiki's policies.
    • Undo vandalism.
    • Approve or not on admin request threads.
    • Help out regular users who are in trouble.

    Privileges (For non-admin users)

    • Rollback
    • Chat Moderator
    • Thread Moderator
    • Content Moderator (to be able to edit fully protected pages)


    • Must have at least one fanon.
    • At least 1,000 edits. (Most of them must be in your own fanon.)
    • Must have chat moderator rank at least.
    • Not a user blocked more than once.

    Things to Do

    Vandal, Spammers, and Troll

    • Revert the vandal's/spammer's/troll's edits.
    • Give them two warnings unless they have gone too far such as excessive cursing, alchohol/drug references, rudeness, inappropriate words.
    • If the users don't comply, blocks them (for admins) or reports to an administrator to ban. (for chatmod)

    Message Walls, Forums, Blog Posts, and Comments

    • You can close the thread or ask admins to close on any closed discussions.
    • Remove any spams. (EX. THIS IS INSANELY HARD, Buffs!? Nooooooooooooooo!!)
    • Remove any irrelevant comments to the topic.


    • Kick any users who:
      • Spam
      • Use foul languages
      • Is being rude
    • Ban any users if they have been kicked twice that day.

    User Pages

    • Remove any best friends, good friends, or enemies lists stating who that user is against.
    • Revert edits that were made from a different user unless he/she gives permission.


    • Remove repeated categories.
    • Remove unneeded categories. (For non-admin members, add {{Delete}})


    • Respect other users.

    How do you think about committee group? Please mark {{Support}}, {{Neutral}}, or {{Oppose}}, with reasons and things should be added.

    Note: Only users can reply are only administrators, bureaucrats, and chat moderators. Replies answered by other users will be deleted.

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    • Bp101697
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      12:37, April 17, 2016
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    • Thumbs-up-icon Support
      I agree with most of the purposal. But the only thing is that about the edit requirement. Why do we need them anyway? Some users have a user right, but they did not meet the requirement, especially the inactive ones.
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    • Thumbs-up-icon Support
      Looks good to me. Though like Rose said, edit count shouldn't be the be all and end all of everything- at the end of the day, it's still just a number.
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    • Thumbs-up-icon Support
      This sounds great. The requirements are passable, but I'm not sure with the edit count requirement. Because there are users who are interested to watch out for detrimentals but does not interested to making a fanon.
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    • Thumbs-up-icon Support
      I agree with it. However, as other users said, edit count does not necessary to put the requirement(because each edit may not have same quality I guess), so I think it would be better if the edit count is excluded on the requirements.
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    • Thumbs-up-icon Support
      I agree, but like the others have said, I don't think the edit count requirement is really necessary.
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    • According to everyone's saying, edit counts is not requirement for committee group, but they have to apply to be committee in forum, which I will add the room for those.

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    • Thumbs-up-icon Support
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    • A FANDOM user
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