• I have many pages in my fanon. Could you use your bot to change x-color levels category to levels with (two to six) candy colors instead? Thank you. There are also some more categories to be changed, they are Levels with mystery candy to Levels with mystery candies, Levels with x-layered icing to Levels with (one to five)-layered icing, Levels with x-layer chests to Levels with (one to five)-layered chests, and Levels with x-layer cupcakes to Levels with (one to five)-layered cupcakes.


    5-color levels -> levels with five candy colors
    Levels with 3-layered icing -> Levels with three-layered icing
    Levels with 2-layer chests -> Levels with two-layered chests
    Levels with 2-layer cupcakes -> Levels with two-layered cupcakes
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