• Can I do a question for you?

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    • Ask away! I would be more than willing to help.

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    • Ok,I have seen levels designed by you and I would like to learn how to do that.

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    • First, grab the software used for making levels here:

      Then, download the level editing tool here:!Aid4ot8xBstSsBcYjLpmrdhpGz65

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    • and later? I do not understand what to do next ... can you make a simple example?

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    • Game Maker Advanced Mode
      First, load up the editor and make sure Game Maker is set to Advanced Mode by clicking "File" in the top left of the program.

      Game Maker 1
      Then, double-click the "Rooms" folder on the left-hand side, followed by "Mixed" for Mixed levels, or "Reality" for other level types.
      Game Maker 2

      Game Maker Types

      When the room is loaded, click the button I've shown here and choose your level type by going to "Levels," and then the corresponding level type to find its caption.

      Game Maker Jelly

      Make your level using any combination of the elements found in the various folders of the drop-down menu. You can also refer to my two tutorials here: More will be coming soon, but for now, that should be enough to get you started. Have fun!

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    • Be sure to let me know if there's anything I can help you with :)

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    • Uhh...How I can delete objets? I want to create a mixed levels but this have a lot of licorices and candies canons

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    • Right click on an object to delete it.

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    • Ok I do it, How I can save a level in .png format?

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    • When your level is done, click the green play button at the top of the program to bring up the level. Press F9 to take a screenshot and it will save to wherever the GMK file is located. Alternatively, you can use a screen capture tool to take a picture of your level.

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    • How I can put my own elements (objets)?

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    • Sprites 1
      1. To start, click "Sprites," then right-click the folder in which you want to add your sprite to go under. Click "Create Sprite."

      2. After that, click "Load Sprite" and browse for the image file you want to use for your new object (element). 
      Sprites 2

      3. Give it a name and click OK. 
      Sprites 3

      4. Close the Sprites folder and open the Objects folder. Find the folder in which you want to put your object/element and right-click it.  Click "Create Object."
      Sprites 4

      5. Use the drop-down menu to choose the sprite you created in steps 1 - 3. 
      Sprites 5

      6. Finally, name the object and click OK. Your element is now ready to go. 
      Sprites 6

      Hope this helps! 

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    • OK , thanks, I do a fizz level , 

      what do you think? , the dark purple keys open all the chests and their layers for 15 sec and the dark purple bottles change the color (flavor) of the soda for 15 sec, the cannons generate the candies in an intercalated manner (except the one in the lower right corner). What difficulty do you think you should have? Very difficult?
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    • Ah yes you can use the formation of 4 regular candies of the same color in a 2x2 square for create fish candies,  Under the honey there are special candies (only fish candies)

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    • What do you think I should do to make the level nearly impossible? lower the amount of movements? put more blockers? ask for more bottle caps than 6?

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    • Probably less moves, although I'd say it is already really hard.

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    • And How I can extract textures of the ccs file of game maker?

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    • I want to extract the dark purple candies textures (wrapped, striped, coloring, etc)

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    • A FANDOM user
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