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Toffee is a blocker in some fanons.

Appearance and properties

Toffee is similar to chocolate blocker, but it is a lighter colour than the chocolate.

This blocker has some unusual properties. Firstly, this blocker can only be destroyed by special candies. Secondly, it will spread, but it won't spread like chocolate would. Toffee doesn't spread on its own, but if a match is made adjacent to a toffee blocker, all the candies in the match will just become more toffee squares. Hence, this is a rather hard blocker to deal with.

The toffee will only spread if a match is made by player. Matches made by cascades don't result in more toffee.

Toffee spreading tutorial .PNG


This blocker will be introduced at Level 241


This blocker is introduced at Level 256. In this fanon, cascade matches next to toffee will cause the toffee to spread, making this blocker potentially very dangerous in the levels it appears in, especially in levels with fewer candy colors.  


This blocker will be introduced very late (in episode 42)


In CCSS, this blocker will appear for the first time in level 841.