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Toffee Tornado is a blocker in some fanons and previously a blocker in original Candy Crush.


Fanon First appearance Final appearance Number of levels
CCR Level 1056 TBA TBA
C437CCS Level 166 TBA TBA
S2CCS Level 406 TBA TBA
CCJS Level 411 TBA TBA
T9CCS Level 271 - -
UCCS Level 226 Unknown

Properties (CCR)

  1. They cannot be destroyed by any action in the game.
  2. They can crush the entire icings in one go.
  3. They can crush one layer of jelly.
  4. They move every move.
  5. Candies hit by them are not counted as an order.

Properties (CCJS)

  • They move after two moves.
  • They can be removed permanently by special candies.
  • When a toffee tornado lands on a tile where there is already a blocker, it can actually break that blocker or take a layer off, but also keep that blocker (if not totally destroyed) immune to other effects until it leaves.
  • They can crush one layer of jelly and cream.
    • This makes cream levels more difficult.
  • Candies hit by them are counted as an order in candy order levels and sugar candy level.
  • Frozen candies can also freeze toffee tornadoes.
  • If it lands on a special candy, activates it.
  • Toffee tornadoes can go through marmalade and licorice lock. If one lands on a special candy covered by blockers, the special candy will be set off.

Properties (T9CCS)

  • They move every 1 move and don't leave any cracks.
  • They can be removed permanently by special candies or a cake bomb explosion.
  • When a toffee tornado lands on a blocker, it breaks that blocker completely. However, it will not land on a cake bomb, jelly cake, popcorn, metal box or various spawners.
  • It can crush one layer of jelly.
  • Candies hit are counted as part of an order but also as part of anti-order.
  • They let the milk flow in coconut levels.
  • If they land on a special candy they activate it.

Properties (UCCS)

  • They move at every move, sometimes at every two moves. The crack lasts for one move.
  • They can't be removed by any way except by colouring candy+colour bomb combination. Even then, they come back after 5 moves.
  • If it lands on a blocker, it will take off a layer (except chocolates, chocolate spawners and magic mixers, in which they do not deal any damage to them. However, they will not spread/work when the twister is on them).
    • If it lands on a one-layered encasing blocker (except sugar chests) and said blocker contains a special candy, it will activate immediately.
  • It cannot crush jelly, frosting or activate/deactivate coloured jelly. However, it can spread jam.
  • Toffee tornadoes may not land on sugar chests.
  • Candies hit by the tornado do not count as an order.
  • If the tornado lands on an ingredient or ingredient wall, it will destroy it.
  • If the twister lands on a bobber, the bobber will create a fish, but it can't be hit until the tornado flies away.
  • If it lands on a candy frog, the frog can't be fed until it moves away.
  • They can land on conveyor belts, however they can't go though portals or leave a crack when there.
  • If a tornado is under a lock or is tangled by bubblegum, it will be unable to move unless freed. If a tornado is in marmalade, it will break free after 3 moves.
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