Topping Tide
Episode Number 90
World 18
Levels 1326 to 1340
New features Crazy spawner.jpg
Crazy spawner.jpg in Marmalade
Crazy spawner.jpg in Licorice Lock
Difficulty Unknown
Previous Next
Nectar Nursery Candy Cane Cliffs

Topping Tide is the 90th episode of Candy Crush Special Saga. It's the special counterpart of the original saga's Brulee Bay.

New Things

  • Crazy Spawner is introduced. See here for more info.
    • It can also appear in marmalade and licorice locks.


This episode contains levels 1326 to 1340.


  • The episode title doesn't shares any words with its original counterpart.
  • This episode's new feature is inspired by the fact that the magic mixer was first introduced in this episode's regular counterpart.
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