Typical Candy Saga (or TCS) is a fan made game created by Typical Beanstalk on June 18, 2018.

The story involves Bean, a jelly beanstalk who always wanted something really cool to happen in his life, since he didn't have that many adventures like the other people around the Candy Kingdom. This changes when he was passing by the Sweet Avenue located at the Jelly Hill, when suddendly a piece of paper hits him in the face, Bean took a look at the map to discover that it leads to the legendary, almost considered myth, Sprinkle Sparkles. This could turn any person to a magical being, which lits up Bean´s mind about finally having a much interesting life. However, the map would only show the way by completing challenges along the way which could only be done by matching candies and reaching objectives, while also helping some gal´s on the way. Bean promised himself to do this and departure to adventure.


The game works like a mixed version of CCS and CCSS, meaning that you can create jelly fish and coloring candy without boosters.

The Hearts feature is also removed in this game, so you can play anytime.

Boosters can be claimed daily (only one booster) and gold bars can be claimed weekly, the amount you receive is about how many levels you completed during the week (Max:10).


Currently, there are 9 gamemodes on the game:

Level type Icon Objective First appearance
Moves Icon00

The player has to reach a Target score before running out of moves.

Level 1
Jelly Icon

The player has to clear all the jelly before running out of moves. The jelly can be single or double.

Level 3
Ingredients Icon9
 The player has to collect all the ingredients by dropping them in a certain space before running out of moves (The ingredients can either be Hazlenuts or Cherries). Level 6
Candy Order Icon11

The player is given a list to collect certain objects spreaded throughout the board by destroying them. The orders can either be normal candies, special candies, combos or (In later levels) blockers. To complete the level you need to gather all the candies in the order to complete the level before running out of moves.

Level 21
Mixed Hybrid This level includes several other level types inside this level (This can include Jelly, Ingredients or order levels at the same time, except timed) , so, the player in order to complete the level has to complete multiple goals (For example: Collecting the ingredients and clearing all the jelly at the same time) before running out of moves. Level 29

The player has to reach a target score before the time runs out.

Magic timer
Magic timer
Just like mixed levels, but you have a certain amount of time to complete the objectives. TBA
Survival levels CCJS4

This level type is completly the opposite of order levels, use all of your moves without destroying certain quantity of objects or you´ll lose the level.

Vine WIP The player has to avoid letting the vines get to a certain spot using all of his moves or they will lose the level. TBA


The difficulty varies of how hard the level is:

  • Easy levels won´t have any sprinkles in its space.
  • Medium levels have blue sprinkles around the level space.
  • Hard levels will have red sprinkles around the level space.
  • Extremly Hard levels will be covered in Black sprinkles around the level space and will emit smoke while the level space is glowing red.

Sound Track

This is the section you where you will see which music plays throughout the game.

  • When playing on a level:
Candy Crush Soda Theme

Candy Crush Soda Theme

  • When on map:
Candy Crush Jelly Saga - Map

Candy Crush Jelly Saga - Map


[NOTE: What's so far done]

Sweet Avenue

When Bean finds the map, he must complete the challenges in order to move on to the right place.

Sugar Fields

Flowely is crying because she is the only flower not covered in sugar, so Bean has to prepare her a special sugar-coverer.

Icing Lake

Flick got trapped in jelly while he was swimming at the Icing lake, so Bean has to find a way to get him out.

Jelly Peak

Bean is tired for today and tries to find a spot to sleep, but cant find one.

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