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UFO is a special candy which makes 3 shoots in random locations, no matter if has blocker or not, and turns to active wrapped candies.



  • The UFO can be activated by switching it with any adjacent candy, or via the effects of special candies. However, it cannot be switched with liquorice swirls or ingredients.
  • The UFO's action is as follows:
    • The UFO lifts off and hovers above the board.
    • It shoots wrapped candies into three squares at random, even if these contain blockers.
    • Then it flies off the board and the three wrapped candies are activated.

Candy Crush Sugar Saga

Currently, there are four types of UFOs planned.

Image UFO Color Description 1st level
UFO Pink Shoots 3 wrapped candies in strategic locations. 211
Mystery UFO Purple Shoots 3 random things in 3 random locations. They can shoot useful special candies or harmful blockers. 482
Crack UFO Red Shoots 3 lasers that will crack 3 random tiles. The cracks will disappear after 5 moves made. 624
Jelly UFO Blue Shoots 3 jelly squares in random locations. Jelly layers vary. 946


In CCSR, the UFO comes in five different colors. Unlike the original Candy Crush Saga, the UFO will not make special candies randomly. Instead, you can choose which squares you want them to be shot on.

These are the following types of UFO:

  • Pink UFO: Produces three wrapped candies then set off. It is introduced at Level 471
  • Orange UFO: Produces three striped candies then set off. It is introduced at Level 516
  • Green UFO: Produces three jelly fish then set off. It is introduced at Level 576
  • Blue UFO: Produces three color bombs then set off. It is introduced at Level 621
  • Purple UFO: Produces three random special candies (Striped Candy, Wrapped Candy, Color Bomb, Jelly Fish, Coconut wheel, Lucky Candy, Extra Time Candy) then set off. It is introduced at TBA


Th UFOs in CCR have the exactly same properties as in the original CCS.


Only pink UFOs appear in C437CCS and they work exactly like in the original CCS.


UFO appears for first time in the 64th episode, Umami Universe. The first level in which it is featured is Level 936. There will be a second type of UFO in the future: Saucer.


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