Unfair Candy Crush Saga (UCCS for short) is a Candy Crush Saga fangame created by Neuima on October 27th, 2018. It is planned to have 3000 levels. The name comes from how hard the sixth and seventh episode are compared to the first twenty, unfair. At first, the levels are easy, but the large amount of new features and increasing difficulties throughout the game may cause many players to break their mouse or screen.

Life and ticket system

The maximum number of lives you can have in UCCS is seven, and it takes twelve minutes to recharge one. Also, there is no ticket system.


The music of Candy Crush Saga is used when playing the game. It's also possible to mute the music and the sound effects.

Level Types Music (Flash version of CCS) Music (HTML5 version of CCS)
Moves, Jelly, Jelly Colour Moves, Jelly Moves, Order
Ingredient, Frosting, Jam Ingredient Jelly
Timed, Chocolate, Unscore, Mixed levels with timed objectives Timed Ingredient
Candy Order, Acid, Underestimate Order Timed (formerly)
Mixed, Triple Mixed (the latter two must not have a timed objective), Mystery Mixed Mixed
All levels with sugar drops, regardless of the level type Party Candies

Levels and modes

There are 3000 levels in UCCS. The levels are all divided into 200 episodes, all of them having 15 levels.

UCCS has 15 different level types. Originally, it had 9 before unscore, underestimate, acid, triple mixed, mystery and finally chocolate levels joined the level hype train.

Type Name First appearance Rarity Description
Moves Level 1 Very rare Score a required amount of points in a limited amount of moves.
Jelly Level 3 Most common Clear all the jelly on the board.
Ingredients Level 7 Common Bring all ingredients to their exits.
Timed Level 15 Uncommon Score a required amount of points in a limited amount of time.
Candy Order Level 37 Very common Collect the required candies, combinations or blockers as shown.
Underestimate Level 53 Least common Clear a required percentage of the board. It works the same as clearing levels.
Frosting Level 61 Rare Free all the gummy bears from the frosting.
Jam Level 64 Uncommon Cover all tiles of the board with jam.
Chocolate Level 70 Uncommon Eat all the chocolate.
Mixed Level 79 (jelly+ingredients) Very common Complete two objectives at the same time.
Jelly Colour Level 106 Very rare Recolour all or some red jellies to green.
Acid Level 120 Rare Do matches to clear the acid before it takes over the board.
Mystery Level 181 Common Utilize the mystery candies/candy bombs to have points, since normal matches do not award points.
Unscore Level 391 Very common Score the least points as possible.
Three-Mode Mixed Level 600 (timed+jelly+ingredients) Common Complete three objectives at the same time.

List of fan items

All items and blockers from Candy Crush Saga return in this game, including toffee tornadoes. See this page for fanmade elements and miscellaneous arrangements.


The difficulty code is exactly the same as the Candy Crush Saga wiki, with an extra difficulty.

None It is theorically impossible to fail these levels unless by the use of lollipop hammers to unbalance scales, glitching or pressing the quit button. The only level to have this difficulty is Level 1.

Very Easy These levels have a completition rate of roughly 95%. They are normally passed on the first try. The first very easy is Level 2.

Easy Around 83% chance of completion. They are normally passed within two or three tries. The first easy level is Level 4.

Somewhat Easy These have 70% chance of completion. Normally passed with three to five tries. The first somewhat easy level is Level 16.

Medium 50% chance of completing the level. Usually completed by wasting a full set of lives. The first medium level is Level 18.

Somewhat Hard 35% of completion rate. Normally passed in around 10 to 15 tries. The first somewhat hard level is Level 25.

Hard Around 22% chance. Passed in around 20 to 35 tries. The first hard level is Level 47.

Very Hard The odds of winning starts to drop considerably from here onwards, with 10% of winning. Normally passed within 50 to 100 tries. The first very hard level is Level 75.

Extremely Hard Your odds start to drop down to 3.5%, and these levels can take hundreds of tries. The first extremely hard level is Level 97.

Nearly Impossible The odds of winning these levels are severely low, at 0.66%! They can take over 300 tries to complete. The first nearly impossible level is Level 246.

Kaizo This is the maximum difficulty of a level that is still feasable. The odds are so low they go below 0.1%! These will take thousands of tries to beat, and I bet you will be euphoric once you beat one of these levels. It is not an official difficulty on the Candy Crush Saga wiki. The first kaizo level is Level 584.

Impossible These levels are impossible without boosters or cheating. They will be nerfed immediately. Impossible levels are counted in world means, just divide the total mean by zero. The first impossible level was the unreleased version of Level 71.

Variable The difficulty of this level varies enormously. It can be very easy or kaizo (even impossible in some cases), it all depends of the starting board. Variable levels are not counted in world means, so for example, if there are 15 levels in an episode and one variable level, the formula changes like if there were 14 levels. The first variable level is Level 89.

Means formula

The calculation of a world mean is based on the following chart. This is important if you want to put an average difficulty to a world.

Difficulty N VE E SE M SH H VH EH NI K I Va
Mean 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Infinity Not counted

The formula is (N x Y), (VE x Y), (E x Y), [...] (K x Y) /E-Va.

Y is the number of levels having a specific rating, and E is the total number of levels in an episode. If there is an impossible level, the episode is impossible to pass since the mean of an impossible level is infinity.

Here is an example for reference.

Difficulty N VE E SE M SH H VH EH NI K I Va
Mean 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Infinity Not counted
Levels having a difficulty of X 0 1 0 2 5 3 0 3 0 1 0 0 0

The formula becomes (1 x 1) + (3 x 2) + (4 x 5) + (5 x 3) + (7 x 3) + (9 x 1), which equals 72. There are 15 levels in this episode and 0 variable levels, so 72/(15-0) = 4.8. In the chart found in the Episodes section, a mean of 4.8 would make an episode somewhat hard to pass.


There are 10 candy colours in UCCS. Some have special propreties and others don't. The usual scheme is blue-green-orange-purple-red-yellow-cyan (candies with special effects are not counted since, well, they have special effects), but starting from Level 408, the scheme can be unordered.

The red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple candies are normal candies and they do not have any special effect.

The cyan candies can be used to feed Sprinkleshell in some levels starting from Level 361. Otherwise, it has no special effect.

The dark purple candies, introduced at Level 88, behave the same way as in Soda Saga. These are the only candies that can be matched in a 2x2 square (such combination will create 4 jelly fish like in CCSS).

The grey candies, introduced at Level 511, can be used to make cracks on the board like a toffee tornado would do. When a match of three is made, it will create one crack anywhere on the board. With a match of four, it will make two, with a match in a T, L or +, three, with a match of five, five, and with a match of five with a candy at the bottom/top center, eight. Because of this, it is impossible to create grey special candies.

The pink candies, introduced at Level 571, create different special candies when matches are made with them. Making a match of three will not do anything different. Making a match of four will create a jelly fish. Making a match in a T, L or + will create a coconut wheel. Making a match of five will create a UFO, and making a match of five with a candy at the bottom/top center will create a candy octahedron. Besides said candies, it it impossible to create pink striped, wrapped or colouring candies or to make color bombs with them.

The first level with 1 colour is Level 399;

The first level with 2 colours is Level 60;

The first level with 3 colours is Level 22;

The first level with 4 colours is Level 5;

The first level with 5 colours is Level 3;

The first level with 6 colours is Level 2;

The first level with 7 colours is Level 1;

The first level with 8 colours is Level 100;

The first level with 9 colours is Level 567;

The first level with all colours is Level 804.

Episodes (not completed)


0: None (this never happens)

0.1-1.99: Very Easy

2-2.99: Easy

3-3.99: Somewhat Easy

4-4.49: Medium

4.5-4.99: Somewhat Hard

5-5.65: Hard

5.66-6.33: Very Hard

6.34-6.99: Extremely Hard

7-7.99: Nearly Impossible

8-10: Kaizo

Infinity: Impossible

NB: Each world has 4 episodes, for a total of 50 worlds.

Episode Name Levels New Things
01-Beginning Banister 1-15 4 to 7-coloured levels, moves, jelly, ingredient and timed levels, teleporters, regular icing.
02-Roaming Reefs 16-30 Chocolate, Chocolate Spawners, Two-layered Icing, Candy Bombs, Liquorice Locks, 3-coloured levels, Jelly Fish on board.
03-Blueberry Barrage 31-45 Candy Order levels, colour order, special candy order, combo order, blocker order, rainbow order, Liquorice Swirl, +5 time candy on board, levels with no spawning candy.
04-Variant Vermisse 46-60 Underestimate levels, Marmalade, Candy Cannons, Three-layered Icing, 2-coloured levels, 2 and 3-layered Liquorice Swirls, orders for candies that do not spawn, lucky candy on board, levels with a specific spawn rate.
05-Drenchy Dreams 61-75 Frosting, jam and chocolate levels, special candy cannons, blockers under marmalade, jelly fish in other level types.
06-Mixation Meringue 76-90 Mixed levels, 2-layered Cupcake, coconut wheel on board and in other level types, special candy flows, dark purple candies.
07-Seven Soda 91-105 Ice Cream, 3-layered Cupcake, Locked Chocolate, 8-coloured levels.
08-Caramel Clearance 106-120 Jelly colour and acid levels, purple tiles, 4-layered Liquorice Swirls.
09-Trespass Tumble 121-135 Cake Bombs, green jam.
10-Jelly Joy 136-150 5-layered Icing, 4-layered Cupcake, chameleon candies, conveyor belts, candy frogs.
11-Lime Lot 151-165 White and blue chocolate, white chocolate spawner.
12-Popcorn Pottle 166-180 Popcorn, shuffle tiles, pipeline orders, multipliers.
13-Mysterious Mango 181-195 Mystery levels, mystery candies, UFOs, 5 and 6-layered liquorice swirls, mystery candy order.
14-Custard Coast 196-210 Sugar drops, non-spawning colours on board, non-spawning colour lucky candy, non-spawning colour jelly fish, metal boxes.


211-225 Bubblegum, bubblegum spawners, skulls, non-spawning colour striped candies, non-spawning colour chameleon candies.
16-Tornado Trap 226-240 Toffee tornado, dark purple candy cannons, 5-layered cupcake.
17-Toffee Tundra 241-255 Sugar chests (1 to 5-layered), sugar keys, non-spawning colour candy bombs, sugar key cannons, lucky candies in other level types, nearly impossible difficulty.
18-Magic Mountains 256-270 Magic mixers, syrup.
19-Chocolate Caverns 271-285 Dark chocolate (1 to 3-layered), blue chocolate spawner, dark chocolate spawner.
20-Insane Insomnia 286-300 Deviators, anti-orders, chameleon candy order.
21-Praline Port 301-315 Bobbers, non-spawning colour wrapped candies.
22-Minty Mounts 316-330 Candy rockets, straw locks, immovable blockers on conveyor belts.
23-Porkchop Planet 331-345 Red, green and orange chocolate.
24-Tart Terrain 346-360 Waffles (1 to 5-layered), waffle cannons, pancakes (1 to 4-layered).
25-Sparkled Sorbet 361-375 Sprinkleshell, 6-layered sugar chests, pancakes (5-layered).
26-Syrupy Swamp 376-390 6-layered icing, wafers.
27-Greasy Gameplay 391-405 Unscore levels, 1-coloured levels.
28-Avocado Apartment 406-420 Candy cane fences, liquorice canes, candy cane curls, fragile liquorice canes, unordered colour schemes.
29-Swifty Seminary 421-435 Sweet teeth, non-spawning colour sugar keys.
30-Thirty Termination 436-450 Golden cake bombs, locked wafers.
31-Sassy Shrubs 451-465 Coloured jellies.
32-Elite Estate 466-480 Toffee.
33- 481-495 Candy corn, randomized teleporters.
34- 496-510 Cyan chocolate, dark purple chocolate.
35- 511-525 Grey candies, grey tiles.
36- 526-540 Colour filters.
37- 541-555 Ream screams.
38- 556-570 Liquorice links, special magic mixers, 9-coloured levels.
39- 571-585 Pink candies, underestimate objectives in mixed levels, kaizo difficulty.
40- 586-600 Bubble bears, candy strings, triple mixed levels.
41- 601-615 White tiles, non-spawning colour mystery candies.
42- 616-630 Unscore objectives in mixed levels.
43- 631-645 Jawbreaker, all 15 level types in one episode (1 level type for each individual level).
44- 646-660 Vanilla, double marmalade.
45- 661-675 Cravaltas.
46- 676-690 Nothing new is introduced.
47- 691-705 Dead exits, double flows.
48- 706-720 7-layered sugar chests, 1-move candy bombs.
49- 721-735 Juice jars.
50- 736-750 Honey.
51- 751-765 Seizure points (red tiles).
52- 766-780 Candy octahedrons on board.
53- 781-795 Crystal candies.
54- 796-810 Ice cubes, ice bombs, yellow tiles, 10-coloured levels.
55- 811-825 Nothing new is introduced.
56- 826-840 Bitter chocolate (purple).
57- 841-855 Nothing new is introduced, but this episode starts a frightening Hell's Cluster (853-919).
58- Corrupted Candylands 856-870 Fierce toffee tornadoes.
59- Cherry Chabbys 871-885 Huge chocolates.
60- 886-900 Yellow pancakes (1 to 5-layered)
61- 901-915 Nothing new is introduced.
62- 916-930 Nothing new is introduced.
63- 931-945 Nothing new is introduced.
64- 946-960 Nothing new is introduced.
65- 961-975 Ingredient walls.
66- 976-990 Nothing new is introduced.
67- Marmalade Milestone 991-1005 Extra moves candy, minus moves candy, minus time candies.


Of course, combinations can be made in UCCS. Striped, wrapped, colour bombs and colouring candies are created the same way as the original games, but the jelly fish, coconut wheels and UFOs can't be created without pink candies or (sometimes) candy cannons.

Here is what the combos do:

  • Note: CB means colour bomb, and CC means colouring candy.
Striped Wrapped CB CC Jelly Fish Coconut Wheel UFO
Striped Clears the entire row and column.
Wrapped Create a 3x3 striped candy that blows the rows and columns it occupies. Creates a 5x5 explosion twice.
CB Changes all the candies of the same colour as the striped candy into striped candies. Changes all the candies of the same colour as the wrapped candy into wrapped candies. Clears two candy colours, then they pulsate for a while before clearing two other colours.
CC Changes the candies of the colours of the CC and striped candy into striped candies. Changes the candies of the colours of the CC and wrapped candy into wrapped candies. Clears almost everything off the board. Changes all the candies into one candy colour, which will result in massive cascades.
Jelly Fish A striped fish is created, It will create three other striped fish that will do a striped candy effect when they eat something. A wrapped fish is created. It will create three other striped fish that will do a wrapped candy effect when they eat something. A sprinkled fish is created. It will create three other fish that will create other fish when they eat candies. A bubble fish is created. It will create two other bubble fish that will do a CC effect when they eat candies. The two fishes activate and creates nine fish.
Coconut Wheel Turns 6 tiles into striped candies instead of three. Turns the entire row or column into wrapped candies. Turns the entire row or column into striped candies. Turns the entire row and column into either wrapped or striped candies. Turns the entire row or column into jelly fish. Clears the entire board and rips off a layer of everything.
UFO The UFO shoots 6 striped candies. The UFO shoots 6 wrapped candies. The colour bomb activates, then the UFO shoots 3 wrapped candies and 3 striped candies. The UFO shoots 3 other UFOs that will activate. A total of nine wrapped candies will be created. The UFO shoots 6 jelly fish. The UFO shoots 6 coconut wheels. This combination can only be done in Level 773 naturally. Both UFOs activate and create 9 wrapped candies each.

The original level (200 level special history)

Before UCCS came as an idea, Neuima has created several other levels. A notorious one is the first ever level they've created, which was nicknamed "Yes". This level is now located at Level 381, albeit with a chocolate spawner added in row 2, column 5. The difficulty for both levels is very hard. This level was created somewhere in November 2016, when Neuima was known as "" and when Candy Crush Saga was actually pretty good, from Milky Marina (episode 110) until the end of Scrumptious Slopes (episode 149).


The original level that has inspired (now Neuima) to create this fanon.

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