Unique Universe is the 86th episode of Candycrush071's Candy Crush. It contains levels 1271 to 1285. It is preceded by Amazing Airport and succeeded by Jam Jungle. This episode was released on September 29th, 2016.

New things

  • 4-Layer Cupcake (Level 1271)
  • New mixed level combinations:
    • Candy Order + Jam mixed levels (Level 1272)
    • Timed + Ice mixed levels (Level 1280)


071Moves 071Jelly 071Ingredients 071Timed 071Order 071Chocolate 071Icing 071Jam 071Ice 071Energy 071Juice 071AntiOrder 071Mixed
1 3 2 0 2 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 4


  • This episode has alliteration, even though it begins with a vowel, since it is pronounced Yunique Yuniverse.
  • This episode is space-themed, however there are no UFOs in any of the levels.
  • Levels 1280, 1281, and 1283 are the only levels in this episode without any cupcakes.
  • Level 1280 is the first mixed level with ice objective.
  • This is the first episode to have energy levels and anti-order levels in the same episode.
  • This episode reuses Episode 72's original name and banner before it changed to Honey Hotel.
  • This is the first and only episode to be released in September, 2016.
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