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  • Candy Crush Earth Saga So far this is my only fanon! Have fun! The fanon currently has 120 levels and counting, and the main page reform as well as establishing my presence by using a template at the bottom of all CCES related pages and a fan elements page is planned. (My profile page is not really a profile page, it's a mess of my ideas lol)

I am not very active nowadays as I'm having Board Examinations of Grade 10 here in India in March 2020, after which I will go through something called Intermediate Studies, where schools are gonna be from 8 am to 8.30 pm on a 6 and a half day week. This is what ou have to go through if you want to persue your favourite subject !,$ it is physics in India... Just going to do the fanon as a hobby, along with my younger brother who loves creating unique levels.

Progress in Candy Crush Saga - Level 2348 (yeah, 2341 is Nearly Impossible, I was stuck in here for about 20 minutes)

Soda Saga - Level 106

Minecraft - Active on the Server Hypixel

Important Texts to save

  1. Create a new template after Chocolate Levels are phased out.
  2. Jelly Colour - More layers (Blue ----> Black -------> Red ----------> Green ---> Red ----> Green...
  3. Dual Mode Levels You and computer play on the same board. After every move or 2 moves (based on the level), the computer plays one or two times. If the player has the highest score after the moves end and it is above the target score, he wins. This level type is very rare and is only introduced in high episodes.
  4. Originally puzzle levels (clear the board levels) were planned to be introduced, but it was changed to Jelly levels with single jelly and where no new candies spawn, in an attempt to reduce number of level types. So, don’t be worried if you see an episode with 13 Jelly Levels, 1 ingredient and 1 candy order level! (It used to have 10 puzzle levels and 3 Jelly).
  5. Moves levels can not be mixed in this fanon. For a level where you need to use all your moves or time, inpossible anti orders are introduced (e.g. 1 yellow candy in 5 color level). This can even apply to timed levels are time bombs can sometimes be present instead of moves candy bomb.
  6. Voice orders - E.g. get sweet 5 times, divine 1 time, frogtastic 2 times.
  7. Honey will be a blocker, instead of a level type. Since they cannot spread, they are now candy order levels with a number of order. In case of honey bears, there will be bear orders so all honey need not be removed
  8. Link for Game Maker -
  9. Future Level Types - Energy icon.pngSugar Cube.pngFizz levelsPuzzleAntiorder icon.pngPipeline levelsPattern
  1. Source Code for mixed levels (copy paste):


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