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  • I live in indonesia
  • I was born on July 20
  • My occupation is idk
  • I am male
  • Color Lover

    So,apparently,I borrowed courtemanche437's editor.Thanks! :D So,here is sneak peek 2. Level types:)(In order) Moves (Level 1) Ingredients (Level 4) Jelly (Level 7) Timed (Level 15) Candy Order (Level 28) Pipeline (Level 66) Anti-Order (Level 91) Chocolate (Level 126) Icing (Level 152) Soda (Level 192) Frosting (Level 321) Jam (Level 411) Boss (Level 500) Energy (Level 606) Bubble (Level 681) Honey (Level 801) Ice (Level 1011) Bubblegum (Level 1251) Sugar Drop (Level 1296) Fizz (Level 1311) Mixed (Level 1476)

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  • Color Lover


    My Fanon (Random Crush Saga) Will have a different Difficulty System. Here it is: (Levels in parenthesis is the first level of that difficulty)

    The reason why I used a different one is because I wanted to be creative. Stay Tuned. And if someone found a link to a level editor that is working,they'll get a shoutout at my user page and I will make Sneak Peek

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  • Color Lover


    December 27, 2019 by Color Lover

    I need Help!

    I tried installing CC071's Level editor on Dropbox,But instead,An Error 404 occurred. If anybody can help me or get me a new pack,Thank You so much

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