Wow, another milestone already?! I can't believe I have made 1,000 edits in just over a month! However, this time the edits came as a result of mostly smaller contributions, such as making slight tweaks to improve grammar, adding pages to categories, and fixing templates. I have finished up the first two episodes of World 6's level pages for C437CCS, plus a few more pages for its Insaneworld and Fan Crush saga, but as I mentioned, those bulky contributions were a relatively minor portion of this millennium. 

Speaking of categories, I have started my big categorization project I announced in my previous blog post. I've already done the first world of C437CCS, plus a few random pages I recently created or edited otherwise. I will focus some effort on trying to finish the rest of the pages up to Level 450 in my original fanon going forward, but since the categories are easier to add than those, new infoboxes or stars templates, the emphasis on that will be greater.

Lastly, I have also started cleaning up and expanding the lists of levels for some types in my fanon, and the rest will be coming soon, along with an overall listing of every single one grouped together, plus lists grouped by world as well. Those are just some of the big plans I have for this year, along with also expanding the Insaneworld of C437CCS and FCS as a fanon, obviously. Here's to another great year of contributing to this wiki, and I'm looking forward to seeing what 2018 will bring for everyone else as well! :D 

Courtemanche437 15:00, January 19, 2018 (UTC)

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