Before I write this blog, a really big thanks for this website: How to Make a Game Like Candy Crush: Part 1

Okay, a great news? When I want to search of the "Candy Crush source code", I found this blog, then I found some great materials: Smooth corner edges. Not much thing have to tell: These are the tiles:

Corner out: Tile 1 Tile 2 Tile 3 Tile 4

Corner in: Tile 5 Tile 6 Tile 7 Tile 8

Borders: Tile 9 Tile 10 Tile 11 Tile 12

Main Board: Tile 13

No such thing: File:Tile 14.png

If you are using game maker, you can add it to your files. Remember, set "snap" to 20, and place corner/borders first then place the main board first.

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