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  • I live in Greece
  • I was born on February 14
  • My occupation is Making the Fandomers better and better
  • I am Male
  • Bio The techno shall not end
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  • HM100
    has good news now. I have now done 10000 edits, something never happened on an individual wiki before. In the past, I had reached up to 4-digit edit amount. From now, it isn't true anymore because here I have reached 5-digit edit amount now. Hope you congratulate me as you did in the past milestones.

    Yes. I would like to announce that I'll write new blog post about edit milestones every 5000 edits instead of 1000. Meaning that the next one is at 15K edits. This new trend will apply until the 50Kth edit comes. Hope you won't disagree about this change. This is because the more edits I do here, the slower will the next blogpost about a new edit milestone will come.

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  • HM100

    I'm so pleased to get 9k edits. I hope I get 10k edits very soon. It's also the only wiki that I have more than 6000 edits and will be specifically the first wiki to have 10000+ edits in the next months. MarTsok 17:49, October 9, 2017 (UTC)

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  • HM100

    Although I did editing less now, with some edis using AWB, it allowed me have 8k edits!!!!!.

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  • HM100

    Hamilton House released with a trick.

    • Licorice Cane (Level 1.1K50)
      • See here
    • Locked Multilayered Icing (For layers 2 and 5) (Level 1.1K51)
      • They need special candies to remove the lock and then the icing has to be removed as usual
    • // Timed Mixed Combo (Level 1.1K54)
      • Those mixed levels require the player to clear all the jellies, bring down all the ingredients and collect the orders in limited time
    • Weak Licorice Cane (Level 1.1K55)
      • Like Licorice Cane but can be removed
    • Coloring Chocolate (Level 1.1K55)
      • Can only be removed with the proper color the chocolate is and with special candies. It can spread only its mother color (i.e. Green Chocolate cannot grow in other chocolate color but only in green). Unlike coloring icing, it can shuffle colors between …

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  • HM100

    I'm so excited to have 7k edits. I hope everyone will congratulate me as soon as possible.!!!!

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