Hello Cloctasters. We have released 5 Clocklicious levels for you and here there're.

New Things

  • Clock Levels in Level 1
  • Ingredient Level in Level 3
  • 5-layered icing in Level 3
  • Board flow in Level 3
  • Leo Levels in Level 4
  • Levels with candies that do not start from the rest in Level 4
  • Candy Fish Dispenser in Level 4


I have given the colors. Each number accords to the level:

1 = 6
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple

2 = 6
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple

3 = 5
Green Blue Yellow Purple DarkPurple

4 = 4
Yellow Green Blue Purple

5 = 7
Red Orange Yellow Green Cyan Blue Purple


I have given the level images in both 1024x820 and 1280x1024 resolutions to view them easily

Have fun at rating my levels

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