The waffle is a blocker in some fanons and a blocker which was released in the real game.
Five-layered Waffle

5-layered waffle


  • In Candy Crush Sugar Saga, this blocker appears for the first time (up to 3 layers) in level 736 (the 50th episode of this fanon). Four, five and six layered waffles are introduced in the following two episodes.


  • Waffles are introduced in Level 1466, in the 97th episode.


  • The waffle is very similar to multilayered icing (even having up to 5 layers), except it is movable, like a multilayered licorice swirl that doesn't block special candies.
  • Also, the waffle can't be cleared by destroying an adjacent special candy with a color bomb, unlike icing.
  • Like candy bombs, waffles can get "eaten" by chocolate.


  • Due to redesigns, this blocker unofficially appears in the real game in level 476. It officially appears in level 3501.
  • Some fanons have waffles up to six layers. However, the real game has up to 5 layers.


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