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White Chocolate (one layer)

White Chocolate (two layers)

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White Chocolate is a blocker from Candy Crush Soda Saga, which does not exist in the original Candy Crush Saga. It also appears in some fanons.


Fanon First appearance Final appearance Number of levels
S2CCS Level 331 TBA TBA
CCR Level 831 TBA TBA
CCJS Level 546 (Normal)
Level 599 (Locked)
Level 632 (Marmalade)
CC811 Level 261 TBA TBA
T9CCS Level 226 TBA TBA
C437CCS Level 316 TBA TBA


White Chocolate comes in two forms: one-layer and two-layer. The one-layer blocker has one piece of white chocolate with light diagonal lines going across it. The two-layer blocker has another piece of chocolate on top which doesn't fully cover the bottom layer. This top layer has the letter C imprinted on it.

White Chocolate is similar to regular chocolate, but differs at the same time. White Chocolate can spread like regular chocolate, but it can also add another layer to an existing one-layer piece. As a result, this blocker is quite hard to deal with.