World 1
Episodes Candy Town to Candy Cottage
Easiest episode(s) Candy Town
Hardest episode(s) Candy Cottage
Levels Level 1 to 65
Easiest level(s) Level 1 and 2
Hardest level(s) Level 62
Previous Next
N/A World 2

World 1 (CCSR) is the first world in Candy Crush Saga Rosie. It contains episodes 1-5 and currently has 65 levels. It starts at level 1 and will end at level 65. It has no predecessor and succeeded by World Two.

Moves Icon Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Timed Icon Candy Order Icon Mixed Level
10 25 21 9 0 0
The easiest :
Level 1 and 2
The hardest :
Level 62
The most fun :
Level 42


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