World 3
Episodes Honey Hills to Caramel Castle
Easiest episode(s) Peppermint Pyramid
Hardest episode(s) Totem Tower
Levels Level 141 to 215
Easiest level(s) Level ?
Hardest level(s) Level ?
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World 2 World 4

World 3 (CCSR) is the third world in Candy Crush Saga Rosie. It contains episodes 11-15 and currently has 75 levels. It starts at level 141 and will end at level 215. It is preceeded by World 2 and succeeded by World 4.

Moves Icon Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Timed Icon Candy Order Icon Mixed Level
The easiest :
Level ?
The hardest :
Level ?
The most fun :
Level ?


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