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Wrapped2 (trans) A wrapped candy is one of the main special candies in fanons. It is a regular candy in a similar colored wrapper. They are formed when an intersecting match is formed, but none of the intersections contain a line of 5 or more candies. The simplest case is 5 candies in an L or T shape. They award at least 200 points upon formed and 540 points per explosion.

When it is activated, it explodes and 8 surrounding candies (3×3 board space) are cleared. Then the candy that exploded will flash and wait until all candies are fully dropped and will explode a second time. This is why Wrapped Candies destroy more candies than a Striped Candy, but it does not have a long range.

On web version, if after the first explosion there is a candy match that is linked to the same color as the wrapped candy, the match will work once (even make special candies if it is longer than 3) and destroy the other candies first. Then it will finally explode the second time. This creates more candy destruction.


In U5CCS, wrapped candies work mainly the same as original.


Wrapped Candy Other candy Effect
Wrapped Candy Striped Candy Creates a giant candy that clears three rows and three columns.
Wrapped Candy Wrapped candy Clears a larger 5x5 area of candies.
Wrapped Candy Color Bomb Turns all the candies the same color as the wrapped candy into wrapped candies, then activates them all.
Wrapped Candy Fish Candy The fish becomes a wrapped fish, which swims to a blocker and clear the surrounding candies.
Wrapped Candy Coconut Whell Turns an entire row or column into wrapped candies then activates them.
Wrapped Candy Coloring Candy Turns all candies of either candy's color to wrapped candies and activates them all.
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